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          air brush tattoo for Joe . & the love of my life Cody Simpson .♥


for you witty girls . :)

Hello there.<3
Did you know, that you're gorgeous?
Don't ever forget it. :*
I love witty with a passion.:)
my best friend is MissCheerBabe411
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taken : 6.30.11 Jesse . ♥ (i'm straight, he's a boy.)
I don't take heartbreak well, so I hope this lasts. :p
R.I.P Joe ♥ Never Forgotten.
9.6.62 - 12.13.11
( what a good birthday present right?)
Live like your dying .♥

Hello there .:) The name's Hailey Madison . I'm gonna be famous one day, so don't forget it. :P I don't believe in "perfection" & i know if it does exist, i'm far from it.  My birthday's December 12 . ♥ If you didn't already know by the song, I love Cody Robert Simpson with a burning passion. & Justin Bieber . :) Taylor Swift is Amazing too. :p I party hard (x everyone says the song, "last friday night" by Katy Perry reminds them of me x)  My sports are soccer and cheerleading. I also act, sing, and model. I'm from New York , but i travel a lott . I'm very very friendly .:P talk to me & i'll talk backkk . I'm a fighter . I stand up for what I believe in. ( & I'm a very goood arguer.:p) My best friends are Katie, Jenn, Annie, Mikey, Brandon, Declan, Alexis, Jenna, Sam, Sydney, Brianna, Sarah, Kevin, Katrina, Emily, & Lindsey. ♥ I don't know what I'd do without them. Music is my life . Legit . I love it. ♥ I love life. It changes so fast. I love everyone & everything about it. In school, not trying to sound like a b*tch, i'm pretty popular. Not because I'm easy or anything, it's because well, like I said, I'm friendly, & I don't pretend to be something I'm not. :)Well, that was boring, lol , thanks for reading if you bothered. :) oh, & i don't know you, but I love you. Why? because like everyone is innocent until proven guilty, everyone is loved, until proven there's a need to be hated. :) 

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  JB swagggg . :*  tumblr_lo4wsks1cf1qibkj6.gif image by jayguarr I'm Cody Crazy . <3
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  Hailey Madison Tirado     watch this video . it`s amazing . :* 

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who else
is ready for summer `12 ?

n m f


is what happens when 
you've been  

too strong
for too long




   if she _____


he's too young for you bro . 


comment something to fill in the blank .;) 




You did it.
you've finally broken her
you've won.
I hope you're proud.
So, here's your trophy.

the shattered remains

of her broken heart


She's not
going to keep going back to you
one day,
she'll get tired of 

playing the same old game
& one day,
she'll leave, & never

come back
then what'll you have?


They say
your ex-boyfriends always
come back
& that's true.
But they always seem to 

come back  when you're

over them

We girls shower so much because,


 In , the shower, It's hard to tell the difference between water and tears .



One Day 
when the sky is falling
I'll be standing
right next to you 

-Chris Brown & Justin Bieber



Dear Kid I Don't Know,
Please Stop Stalking My Facebook.
I Get The Notifications in Order                            

No Girl is Happy The Way She Is
We all wish we had someone else's hair
We all wish we were taller/shorter
We all wish we were thinner
We all wish we look like her

               We all wish we were someone else.                            
Because that's all he'll ever want.