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Quotes by cheerndance4life

Greeting your best friend with an insult.
am i the only person who
that celebrities age like two times faster. 

When you tell a funny joke,
but someone repeats it louder and gets all the credit<<<<


Looking at your Ex and thinking was I

d runk  that  who l e   rel ati onsh i p ?




I got 99 chores & 
I ain't did one. - Lay Z


 Teen Vouge Interview w/ One Direction:
If you weren't a singer what would you be?
N ia l l - A soccer player. I once had a dream that I was playing with David Beckham n the champions League Final!
Ha r ry- An astronaut
Liam- A f i r e man
Zayn- A SWAT team member
Lou i s- A power  ranger

 o h          l   o  u     i   s

Format Credit; iloveyouforever7

Things  I'll  never  know #1

WHat color smurfs turn when they choke, since their already blue.
What do you call a fake noodle?



Me: How do you spell this word?
Teacher: Look it up in the Dictionary.

How the forget will I find it if I can't spell it?!


" Got any friends? "

" Go fish. "
Format Credit; iloveyouforever7