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 hello witty, i'm gabbi(:
born on august 15th, thirteen's my age.

i'm your normall teenage girl;
i hate my period,
boys confuse the hell out of me but i love them,
and my bestfriends are my everything.

i've been in love with the same guy for nine months.
he knows it, but he'll never understand.

you could say i am insane at times but i can be serious.
taylor swift gets me through everything.
i love music, my cellphone, boys, flirting, cuddling, fireworks, shopping, and summer.

i am very understanding and i will always listen, come to me with anything.
i'll help as much as possible.
follow me, i'll follow you(:


Quotes by cheerxlovexlife15

Dear Skinny Girls Who Know They Are Skinny,

Please stop fishing for compliments by calling yourselves fat. 

 Sincerely, Do It Again And I'll Agree With You.

My mom heard 'Never Grow Up'

a n  c r i e d .  ♥ 

Going to the bathroom in class, wallking through the halls

looking in every classroom for him. 


i'll be your princess if you'll be my prince.

i'll be ariel if you'll be prince eric.
  i'll be rapunzel if you'll be prince stephen.
 i'll be cinderella if you'll be prince charming.
i'll be piglet if you'll be winnie the pooh.
i'll be ronnie if you'll be will.
i'll be savannah if you'll be john.
i'll be jasmine if you'll be aladdin.
i'll be rose if you'll be jack.
i'll be juliet if you'll be romeo.
i'll be minnie if you'll be mickey.
i'll be jane if you'll be tarzan.


 i'll be yours if you'll be mine.


when you break up with her,
her mouth will not move
and not a word will be spoken.
but if you look into her eyes,
you will see that she has never experienced more pain.
and then you'll see the tears as they begin to fall, 
because nothing else in her life
mattered as much as you mattered.

someone please tell me why;
almost every girl on witty has a boy problem.
and hardly any of us walk around with big smiles
cause we have that perfect guy.
honestly boys, don't break hearts.   

i miss my old best friend so much. i used to see her every single day. she found someone new and now sometimes, she ignores my calls and doesn't reply to my texts. i see her every once in a while, but god i wish it was like it used to be. i need her, i love her so much.

that x mini.heart.attack x
you have when
your ex walks by(;

You did not love her,
people you l o v e .