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Friends are like boobs. Some are big, some are small. Some are real & some are fake.

Yes, I'm a teenager. Yes,
I still get excited if something can
glow in the dark.

not my quote
You know your in love when you pass him in the hall and just smile at eachother thinking about one another <3

I fell In love With Mickey Mouse (literally)
Intro :Ella expected every thing from her trip to Disney Land. But, it never even once crossed her mind that she could fall in love with Mickey mouse (literally). 

Chapter 1

At the Feet of Mickey Mouse

"Hey Ella! look over there its Mickey!" Spencer said.

I turned my head to find Mickey mouse hugging little children and suddenly I felt like one of those kids. I took a step forward to go hug him. I remembered that I was eigtheen years old and stepped back. I looked at Spencer.

"What is the matter with you" Spencer asked.

"Go and give him a hug!" She insisted.

I looked at Mickey mouse who was now taking pictures with different kids. What will he think of me? an eighteen year old hugging Mickey Mouse. 

"Are you kidding look at those kids. They're like ten and what am I? eighteen I am freaking eighteen Spencer." I said

 "Well guess what? So am I" Spencer said.

Before I could protest, Spencer snatched my hand and dashed to Mickey mouse. Being the clumsy girl I am, I tripped and fell at Mickey mouse's feet. All of the people began to laugh at me. Even Spencer was laughing. God, I felt so embaresd. I bowed my head and hoped no one saw my tears. Then something happened that I never expected. Mickey mouse knelt down in front of me and lifted my head. He wipped my tears and carried me like I was his bride. Oh God I thought I was going to die. I looked at Spencer who was flirting with a handsome stranger. She hadn't even noticed what happened. Some friend I had. Mickey mouse took me to a near by cafe gently put me on a chair. 

"Thanks Mickey." I said. He gestured for me to wait a minute. I nodded and he left. I searched into the crowds of people looking for Spencer. Before I knew it, Mickey came back and handed me a desert menu.

"Wow, Mickey this is so sweet but, I don't know if I can take it." I said.

I put down the menu. Mickey shook his head and pointed at the menu. I shook my head. He bowed his head like a little kid. I felt rude to say no now. I opened the menu looking for the cheapest food.

"I'll have an ice cream cone" I said. Mickey jumped for joy and headed to the counter. My friend Spencer came to the table. 

"Oh my god, you will never guess what just happened to me" She said as she sat down infront of me.

"Let me guess, you fell down and everyone laughed at you?" I sourly asked.

"Oh god! I am so sorry I completely forgot about that, are you ok?" She asked.

Before giving me the chance to answer, she began giving me her story.

"So I got distracted by this hottie!" She said.

"Let me guess, 6'3 muscular, medium skin, brown hair and to-die-for blue eyes." I guessed. Those were the types of guys she always got.

"Yes! and he asked me for my number" She said. I couldn't act shocked or happy because Spencer, she was beautiful; any guy would fall for her. She had tan skin brown eyes and long brown wavy hair with a sharp white smile. Her thighs were small and boobs were big probably double d's. I looked somewhat like her except I was not as tan as I hoped and my boobs barely fit inside a b cup and my thighs were big and hips were wide. Basically if you compared us to celebrities. She was Vanessa Hudgens and I waas Michelle Trachtenberg. Spencer noticed that I wasn't enthusiastic about her potiental boy friend so she changed the topic.

"How come you came here?" She asked.

"Mickey mouse brought me here." I laughed.

"Pshht yeah right, now tell me the truth." She said. Just as I was about to tell her that I was serious. Mickey came with my ice cream and handed a menu to Spencer as well. 

"Thank you so much Mickey." I smiled. Mickey tipped his invisable hat. Spencer smilied. 

"Um, Mickey I would like ice cream too." She said. Once again Mickey walked to the counter.

"Do you know what this means Ella?" She asked 

"What?" I asked

"Mickey is inlove with you!" She said.

"Oh come on, he probably just felt sorry for me." I said. She eyed him. 

"You know I've seen this in a movie once." She whispered.

"Shut up Spencer." I said. Mickey came back with Spencer's ice cream. 

"You know Mickey, this is very kind of you. Its really good that we'll see eachother for three weeks. You know since my friend Ella and I are staying at Jasmine's pallace." She said.

What was she doing? Telling this guy where we were staying, he could have been a creep for all we knew. Heck, he could even be a she. Mickey gave Spencer a thumbs up and left to greet the kids.

"Why did you tell him where we are staying?" I asked

"Incase he wants to give you a late night visit." She winked.



chapter 29     )  )  )  


            “It’s a boy and girl?” Shane asked excitedly. Shane was surprised by his own reaction. He’d never cared enough to know the gender of the babies. But now that they’re finally here, he felt completely different.
            Savannah followed him into the room where Heather was holding a little baby boy in a blue blanket in her left arm and a little baby girl in a pink blanket in the other.
            “What are their names?” Shane asked.
            “We’ve decided your brother’s name is Grayson Chase, but we haven’t picked out a name for your sister yet,” Heather said. “We figured we’d let you name her.”
            “I can name her?” Shane asked, shocked.
            “But you have to make sure it sounds good with her middle name,” Heather said.
            “What’s her middle name?”
            “Savannah,” Heather smiled.
            “What?” Savannah asked excitedly. “You named her after me??”
            “You’re the reason I didn’t have her in the living room!” Heather laughed. “It’s because of you that professional doctors could actually deliver her in a safe and healthy way and I owe it to you that both of my babies were born like that. So thank you.”
            “What are you going to name her?” Savannah asked Shane eagerly.
            “Well, I’ve always liked the name Jordan for a girl,” he said.
            “Aww! Jordan Savannah! That’s so pretty, I love that! Don’t you, honey?” Heather asked Mr. Palmer.
            Shane looked at his father nervously, wondering if he would be okay with her name. After a moment Mr. Palmer smiled and said, “That’s a beautiful name.”
            Shane held his brother and sister and felt an immediate connection to both to both of them. He couldn’t wait to teach Grayson how to play football, play video games and pick up girls. And he couldn’t wait to protect Jordan the same way he did with Corinne, even though she’d hate it, and beat up all the guys who’d make her cry. He knew of course that at first it would be tough with two newborns in the house, but he couldn’t believe that for the longest time he didn’t want these kids.
            Shane held Jordan and Savannah held Grayson as Mr. Palmer took a picture for them. Shane put it on Instagram, getting over 200 likes. Mr. Palmer had really took a liking to Savannah, just as Heather had. Shane was so afraid they would hate her just because they knew he liked her, but he was pleasantly surprised when they invited her to the wedding that was six months away in July.
            But Shane’s happy moment was ruined within seconds with a text from Ava: What the are you doing with her? You said you would never talk to her again. You’re so full of sh..t.

Note: I'm going on vacation tomorrow so I won't be uploading for a few days sorrrrryy

Still the One
Chapter Nine
Part Three

What do you mean it’s going to go downhill from here, Mom?
I mean it takes time to get used to the ability to talk to the dead.
I can—
Yes, you can. Andrew, honey, this is going to be hard for you but you can get through it. I can only give you one piece of advice.
What? Mom… what can you tell me?
Trust the blonde one…
My eyes opened and pain still pounded in my head. I was dizzy and very thirsty.
“Andrew? Guys, she’s awake!” Louis exclaimed and I moaned.
“Lou, please no shouting,” I said and he nodded.
“Sorry, love,” he said and I tried to smile, but failed do to the terrible pain in my head and eyes.
“You look hurt,” Niall said and I nodded. The nod sent a shooting pain down my spine.
“Just a tad,” I said and Niall sighed.
“Guys, can I have a moment alone with Andrew?” he asked.
“I actually need to talk to her first,” Harry said. “Niall you can have her right after me, it’s just important.”
All the guys and Maggie left, as Harry sat down on the edge of the couch where I was laying.
“Andrew, I know this is probably a really bad time and I know I probably seem like a jerk right now, but I need to break up with you. It’s just—“
“There’s another girl and we have nothing in common?” I asked and Harry laughed.
“It’s a good thing you are an understanding person that makes every awkward situation kind of funny,” he said and I managed a weak chuckle.
“You’re a lucky boy,” I said and he laughed.
He stood up and opened the door.
“Can I talk to her now?” Niall asked and Harry nodded.
“She’s all yours,” he said. “But she’s like my little sister, so keep it in your pants.”
“HARRY!” I gasped and he laughed.
“So,” Niall said, closing the door behind him.
He sat down next to me and sighed.
“What?” I asked.
Next thing I knew his face was right before mine, his lips brushing mine ever so slightly. Noticing that he was hesitating, I put my hands by his ears and brought his head down so our lips met. After pulling away, Niall smiled.
“I hate you,” he chuckled.
“I hate you too,” I said and we sat there for a moment, just in silence.
This quote does not exist.

the mayans taught me something,
that if you don't finish something... well, it's not the end of the world.

I want a boy that will be there for me when I need him.

No, I want a boy that likes My Chemical Romance.

More Than Friends
c h a p t e r / /  n i n e t e e n

Amy's POV
"Well, I'm off to dinner. I'll see you soon." Carson smiles and leans down to give me a kiss. "Bye Mitch!"
Carson walks out the door and I just turn around and smile to myself.
"Are you guys official yet?" Mitch asks me.
"No, he hasn't asked and I'm getting worried." I tell him honestly.
"Don't worry, Amy. He's probably just waiting for the right moment." Mitch smiles at me and then walks back down to the basement to play xbox, I'm guessing.
It's been a week since things happened between Carson and I.
He walked me to every single class, gave me kisses each time he could, and even text me while he was downstairs in my own house.
He just hasn't asked if I would be his girlfriend. I feel like it's kind of weird, but like Mitch said, he's probably waiting for the right moment.
Today he is out going out to dinner with his grandparents and his parents. Yes, his parents. His grandparents want to treat him with more respect now. After his parents found out he tried to committ suicide, they realized their horrible mistake, and are going to see him today. I know he might not forgive them right away, I just hope everything goes well.
I'm not going to see him for a couple days, so it's going to be boring, but oh well.
I'm getting worried more and more every minute. I've sent about five messages to Carson on kik and he has read all of them and not replied.
On kik you can see when the message is read and when they're typing. He has read them all and not replied.
Maybe he's just too busy eating...
Just then my iPod goes off, signaling a message from kik.
Carson sent me a message saying, "Meet me on your porch in five minutes."
Oh my gosh.. This is it. Carson is going to ask me to be his girlfriend. I quickly put on a little eyeliner and comb my hair.
I then step outside to see Carson staring down, he looked sad and worried.
"Carson what's wrong?"
"Yes?" I ask worried.
"There's no easy way to say this..." Carson starts out, looking me in the eyes.
"Well, what is it Carson?" I stared to feel sick.
"I don't think we should be together."

NOTE: Don't hate Carson. It's not what you think!!  Does anyone have the game Monster Pet Shop or KIK? Let me know.