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I'm Amy ;D I'm a young girl from Liverpoo,UK. And I am a One Direction stalker, and Hayley Williams is my best friend ♥ Wanna talk? SURE. If you need anyone, you can come to me

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This site has died...
Live While We're Young
Chapter 5 part One
Harrys POV
I couldn't believe it.
We could find out who this girl was.
I know it was just another hater... but Death Threats?

Megans POV
"Zayn, PM her, ask who it is!" I say
"Okay.." He said.
"Are they in England?" asked Liam
"Yeah, actually theyre in London aswell." 
Harrys face lit up.
Something was definitely gonna happen.
We are gonna find this girl, something HAS to be done, I mean... Death threats are terrible to anyone, but when it happens to my friends, it gets personal.

Nialls POV
We had to talk to the girl, and get her to arrange a meet up with the hater.
Only, we would turn up, not the girl who knows her.
Okay, it would be easier if she went by the name Tori, the nice girl.
Okay, we told Tori to arrange a fake meetup with the girl in Pineapple Dance Studios, room 204.
Its private, and it has cameras.
I couldn't wait for this.

75% of people don't actually know their period isn't blood.
Makeup just means you're hiding something you're insecure about.
You have nothing to be insecure about.

Live While We're Young
Chapter 4 part two
Liams POV
I made Harry some hot chocolate, before taking more looks at the site.
I refreshed the page and new content appeared.
"Whoever is doing this, is doing it now. Listen: Zayns hair is taller than Kingda ka and his eyes are the colour of mud. Louis is as annoying as a fly that can't get out of the window. Liam is scared of a metal stick with a round thing on the end and Niall is Irish."
Megans POV
This was starting to annoy me.
Who could be so hard on the boys?
Zayn pushed his hair down but it sprung back up, "It chooses to be that way!"
"Me? Annoying? Well, YES. But atleast I admit it!" says Louis.
"Spoons can be a hazard, they are small, metal and have sharp edges that can cut peoples skin open. What if one got to your wrist?!!" says Liam.
"So what if I'm Irish?" Asks Niall.
I take a deep sigh.
"There's nothing wrong with any of you guys." I say.
Harrys POV

I was quiet when Liam gave me a hot chocolate. Sipping away, I listened to everything they had said about my best friends.
This was annoying.
Zayn was on Twitter later on that night, asking if anyone knew anything about the site.
Everyone showed sympathy, but no sign of knowledge.
"Hey guys," said Zayn, "Theres this girl on my twitter, she knows the girl who started the hate site."

DUN DUN DUN! first part in AGES
Having an argument... what to say?! xD 
I wrote a whole chapter, and it disappeared! ~.~
I'm so sorry, I need to fix my annoying computer, and then I can come on!
Thank you all for being Loyal readers, love you all♥
Live While We're Young
Chapter 4 part one
Louis POV
I picked up my phone and dialled for Megan.
"Megan, I'm home,  get here now."
"Okay, I'll be there in 10 minutes."
I could tell she would be getting into her mums car, and driving up to our house.
Megans POV
It was an emergency? Probably bad, bad enough I had to rush up there.
I wonder what had happened.
Maybe Liam banged his head and went unconscious?
Or maybe Zayn cute his hand really badly?
Oh god, this was bad. My thoughts we're wild.
I had to get there, right at that moment.
Zayns POV
Who could say that about Harry?!
I searched through my mind to find an appropriate person, who would hate so badly on Harrym but my mind was blank.
He didn't have any enemies.
Just haters.
Megan arrived at the door, and barged in.
"Whats going on?!"
"Come and look." I say, motioning her over.
She read the site.
"Oh my god!" She said, "Is there anything about any more of you?!" 
"I dont know. It would be on twitter." Said Liam.
"But whoevers doing this, we're gonna find out." Exclaimed Niall, as they all exchanged worried looks.

Liking? GOOOOOD :D 
Live While We're Young
Chapter 4 part one
Harrys POV
Finally! Home!
"Is Jai, Erin and Sofie in?" Asks Louis.
"I dont know." replies Liam.
Zayn was already on his laptop, when he called out "Harry, you need to come and see this." 
I sat down beside him as he scrolled down a hate site about me, I felt the tears pricking my eyes, but tried to hold it in.
One tear escaped and rushed down my cheek.
I read the hateful comments.
"Cant sing." "Should have a heart attack." "Get a knife to him before I do."
All the boys crowded around the laptop.
"Oh my god, Harry!" Said Louis, hugging me.
"Harry, it's okay." Said Liam, as he rubbed my back.
"You're none of those things, Hazza." said Niall.
Zayn gave me a sympathetic look.
We heard a knock at the door, and Louis went to get it.
It was Jai, Erin and Sofie.
"Oh my god!" exclaimed Sofie, "Whats wrong?!"
"Come and look for yourself," said Zayn.
Just at that moment, Sophie, Liam's girlfriend came out of the bathroom.
"It's all over twitter." she said.
Who could do this?

Who did it?!
How cruel! 

Live While We're Young
Chapter 3 part two
 Liams POV

I threw my arms around her, and kissed her gently.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"I thought I'd suprise you."

"We're heading off to practice, come with?"

"Yeah. I'd like that." she says.


Harrys POV
Liam brought Sophie to practice.
The practice was tiring, I'll tell you.
Simon was impressed, though.
"Good job boys," he explained, "Go have a break."
I looked over to Liam, he was sitting in the corner cuddling with Sophie.
I wish this day would be over.
I want to see my girlfriend.
I need some rest, its just a week rest, but that should do.
Sophie's POV
I look up into Liams eyes.
"I love you," I say, and put my head on his chest.
"I love you too, Sophie." 

Louis POV
Eventually, the time came to do the show, and it was absolutely amazing.
We done the songs in order of our album, and we added "Torn" at the end.
"Go on boys, you can go home." said Simon.
We had to go back to the hotel and get our bags before getting back onto a coach, and going back to the home we all shared.