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Quotes by chels_xo

I like detox weekend.
Actually gives us all a chance to think about the meaning
of the words, not how they're written.

I understand I'm not perfect, I do make mistakes, and say things I know I shouldn't, do things
I know I shouldn't, I know I'm not innocent. But the thing is, when are you going to realize
you're not perfect in this situation either? Were both equally guilty, and you have no right
to sit there and tell me I've the bad person. I'm sorry I don't live to be perfect, but before you
start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.



I  L I V E   I T


A D M I T T   I T

love me ;
hate me;
just   think
e i t h e r   w a y
I'm  o n  y o u r  m i n d

Every time I close my eyes

I see your face, and I try not to cry.

And I always wonder...
do you think about me as much as I think about you?


Last year I didn't even know you exsisted
and now, I know you and every single thing
about  you, and I wouldn't  want  to change
______ that   for    anything ______