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Baby, if I had to choose my best day ever, My finest hour, my wildest dream come true, Mine would be you.
So have you got the guts?
Been wondering if your heart's still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts.
I feel like a goldfish in one of those bags, but somebody poked a hole in the bag, and I'm running out of water.
Im ready to break.
He may have alot of flaws to you.  But to me, hes absolutley perfect. 

And you give yourself away. And you give, and you give. And you give yourself away. With or without you. I can't live with or without you.  

You know, if you really aren't happy when you're with someone you really shouldn't be with them. Instead, don't treat them like crap, or abandon them.. even cheat on them. Don't sit there and hold them while they're crying or be there every single step of the way for something just to use them. Honestly telling someone that you don't feel the same anymore hurts a heck of a lot less than cheating on them. They really arent ever going to forget that. You may not know it but cheating ruins what little confidence a person might have, if any at all. Not only that, but you have to spend the rest of your life being known as a guy that's just gunna treat you like crap and use you. No one is gunna ever want to date you after that. Don't sit there and fake a whole relationship. Don't waste three months on something that you could care less about.. tell that person instead of telling them you love them and leading them on. That person is just gunna think that you care and they're going to be commited to you. Honestly I hope everything you do with her reminds you of me. When you go to hug her I hope you can't think about anything else besides the fact that, that was me. When you close your eyes and kiss her, I hope you go back and think of me and it makes you realize that what you did was stupid. I hope everything you do makes you think of me. I hope you realize that you completley just ruined a human being. And you know, I hope Im right about her, shes just gunna use you and leave you just like the rest of the people. & when you were hurt or upset about something who was here for you? Yeah, me. I was here for you through every single thing you went through. Most of all, I hope you miss me... because I went back to you once, just for what? For you to use me again. Hunny, I hope you realize that this isn't ever gunna go away. You went waaaayyy beyond hurting me. Way beyond that and one of these nights while you're trying to sleep, and you cant.. Because all you see in your head is every little thing we ever did together, I hope it hurts. I honestly hope this hurts you as bad as it does me. Everyone tells me to let it go because if you moved on that quick you didnt really care anyway.. but you did care, but it wasnt the "im gunna help you through everything care" It was the "im gunna act like im helping her to get what I want. " I am 16 years old and yeah.. theres gunna be plenty more boyfriends im sure. But you, you were supposed to be different than everyone else.. You know? My daddy was right about you.. and so was everyone else because you sure had me fooled. They say people change, and boy were you one of them. :/   Rant over/":
You've got a mouth like a razor blade, it cuts so deep. So kiss my wrists, my neck and give me eternal sleep.


Honestly, if you arent happy in a relationship.. leave. Don't cheat,  and dont sit there and lead the other person on. You seriously cant "love" someone and wake up the next morning and not give a sh i t about them anymore. To be honest the fact that you didnt even say anything to me, just blocked me hurts more than anything. If you werent happy you just should have said so and left.. but apparently you have those two other girls to talk to now.  I dont even have anything bad to say about you. Oh god. :/ 
A cut cannot heal unless you leave it alone. I'll open mine daily leaving bones exposed.