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You have many options in life, never make giving up one of them
                                                                                      -Austin Carlile♥♥
So, today its been 5 months since your accident. I mean it hasnt been easy at all. It still hasnt really sunk in yet that you really are gone, but hey god had a plan for you♥There isnt a day that I regret not telling you that I loved you or telling you not to race that night. Going through everyday with my problems and not having you to talk too about them is not the easiest. School definitely isnt the same. Not being able to sit in study hall and blast Asking Alexandria and eat like 700 poptarts makes it even harder. You always made everything better(:Being in school every single day and not seeing you smile all the time or goof off with me during class definitely hasnt been great either. Kaleb I miss you sooo freaking much and I know you would probably scream at me right now for crying. But honestly its sooo hard to live every single day without your bestfriend with you, doing all that dumb stuff that we never thought would matter. I hope you know how much you taught me, I wouldnt know half the bands I do today If it werent for you. I would always give up if it werent for you. But most of all.. after what happened I learned to live every single day with a smile on my face like you did because you never know whats going to happen. Lord already knows you're up there racing, showing everyone how amazing you are(: I love you sooo much Kaleb, and I hope your having a good time in Heaven. I love you Kaleb

You were the first one I loved
You were the first love I lost.
I guess I should have seen this coming, should have known it all along. You're a fake, see clear right through you, left me dying it's all your fault. 
When you dress up and you actually look kinda pretty.. and hes not even at school. 
Take back every word I've said, ever said to you. Because everything I touch turns to stone.
So wrap your arms around me, and leave me, I cant hold o♥♥♥
Me and daddy'd ride around all day shooting doves off a line in a Chevrolet, Old lab would jump out the back and fetch them up. We’d drive for miles and miles and never once hit blacktop or change the dial one little country station was all there was. ♥♥
With heaven above you, there's hell over me.
He’s not really mine. We're not really together. But for what it’s worth, he is and will always be my sweetest “whatever.”
My secrets are burning a hole through my heart and my bones catch a fever, when it cuts you up this deep its hard to find a way to breathe♥
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