Status: bitches be hating sluts be waiting and ill be like "yo lets ride our unicorns to banana land"
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My names Chelsea  
I'm from Australia 
I have never self harmed because even though my life is not perfect it is still better then a lot of kids in other countries  
My personaliy changes like every day 
My best friend is Rebecca also known on witty as LoveLaughLiveGrow> she is so random 
My hair is strawberry blonde 
My eyes are green. 
i play netball and Australian football. 
and just thought I would let you know mess me its ok but mess with my friends I will find out where you live and come there and shave all your hair of. 

so um.........yeah

Quotes by chelseasalvemini

I would rather die today then live another day of this death.
The other day I saw a man in a movie stick his tounge on a bit of ice and it got stuck so I decided to go to the freezer and stick my tounge in it......... Yeah don't ever do it my tounge did get stuck and I had to rip it of and it bleed and hurt for hours  
An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.


I swear the person who invented the hokey pokey was thinking of something sexual 




I'm not crazy I'm just

creatively insane


Friends are like bras 
there always there for support 
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

Most people believe that having a disability is a bad thing but when i think of disability i think of another way of looking at the world because most people see all the same things but having a disability is just a unique way of viewing the world and things that are in it.


Never aim for the top because once your at the top the only place you can go is down



                     Is Timeless


                    Has no age

                    Are forever 



If you don't stand for anything you will fall for nothing