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Hey Guys And Gals

My name isn't that important but if you still wanna know just ask. I have been on Witty from a pretty long time and I absolutely love it. I've not been making quotes lately but I guess I'm back to the business now. I ain't famous on here, haha. So I wouldn't mind some wonderful followers. So like yea, check my quotes out, need someone to talk to? I'm right here, just comment away :D

Payphone - Maroon Feat. Wiz Khalifa

Quotes by cheriish

HI everybody. So I'm REALLY stressed and have been REALLY stressed from past 2 months.

Now I notice a few gray hairs on my head.

Is it normal to have gray hair at 19

There are guys who joined Witty to actually write quotes n share their thoughts  


There are guys who joined Witty to be a pervert and say random cr*p and then be like "I thought you were single, so we could be together"

   Soo at home alone and a random middle-aged guy knocks at the door.

Me: Hello
Guy: Hello, is your mom or dad home?
Me (Annoyed): No, This is my house. I own it.

Guy (Smug): Aren't you a bit too young to own a house?
Me: Aren't you a bit too old to be selling crap door-to-door?
Guy: ...
*Closes Door*

And it is your life after all
No matter where I stand
You are just gonna leave even if I ask you to stay
&&sorries just don't make everything okay.

No matter how much I do for you, it'll never be appreciated
And I'm so tired of feeling low and being let down
I hate to put myself in such situtations
I really miss you
Not that you are gone
But it feels like a part of me is missing you a lot.

So never expect too much
Cause it's their life after all
No matter what they say.

I feel so useless and you seem so selfish ~

Every Artist Was Once An Amateur 
Why am I always an option and not a priority.......

                                                                                                           I feel so lonely
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I LOVE Billy Talent
Been on the internet from the past 5 hours and I'm still not tired even though it is 4 In the effin' morning for me. Great
And these days I just can't seem to fall asleep.
Not because I'm not tired but because I'm too scared of the ghosts n demons inside my head