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Madeline/15/Field hockey♥


Quotes by chewy123

You know I'm gonna get you
»-(¯`v´¯)-» no matter what it takes. ♥

& some girl somewhere
decided that 'him'
would be the code 
word for the guy we like. ♥

You treat me like your bestfriend,
You tell me things
I never wanted to know.
You talk to me about much how you like her,
and how great she is
when all I want to do is
be with you. ♥ 
I always hear about how good she is for you,
and how you could never be with anyone else.
But yet you are aware of how much
I really do like you. ♥

When your face hurts
from smiling so much. ♥
Being just friends
Format by Sandrasaurus

I wish I could ask you your opinion
and you would answer truthfully.

Boy You CamIn Like A Hurricane,
k n o c k e d  m e  d o w n  l i k e  a  t i d a l  w a v e .  ♥
    && I will
  » love you until }
                                     (( you learn to love)

     & I never knew LOVE would feel like a

heart attack. 
Worst pain that i've ever had.  


I wont fit in .

I'll stand out. ♥

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