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Madeline/15/Field hockey♥


Quotes by chewy123

& want a boyfriend,
like Jake from AWKWARD. ♥


& This Year My School
is deciding that we cant wear yoga pants because it's
'a distraction to the male population'...


I got my heart 
where my head should be.

& is anyone else sick
 of the 'Plot Twist' quotes?
Every time look into your eyes,
I feel like I can stare at them for a lifetime. ♥
I like who you are.

So why change yourslelf?


Things just aren't

The same. ♥

& sometimes I wish,  

I would have said yes. ♥ 



& when my grandkids learn,
that I was born in 1997,
they will be like,

'Woah people are still alive from the 19 hundreds?'


 You've got me smiling in my sleep. ♥

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