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The name's Cheyenne. I adore One Direction and Ed Sheeran. I cheer varsity. I'm in marching band. Totally owning this year.(; I could use a Witty Best friend. anyone interested?(:

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Okay guys, so at school we have these help cards. these cards are to let the psychiatrist know if you have concerns about anyone at school, for example, if someone was suicidal and stuff. and I've been very depressed lately, should i turn one in for myself? I don't know any other ways to get help. i've tried talking to friends and they haven't helped. I'm becoming numb. I don't any feelings anymore. what should i do?
"it's 11:11. My wish is to be with you forever" 
-my boyfriend

This is the sweetest thing anyone has said to me. ever. 

So, there are people on my cheer team that complain about every single pain they have. And it annoys me because I've had an injured knee for 3 years now, and i don't complain one bit. the other night at a game, I couldn't breathe correctly and I still didn't complain. I never let stunts fall just because "i don't feel good" i push through it. I understand that maybe i just have a higher pain tolerance than them, but if you are dropping stunts because you "jammed your pinky", you shouldn't be a cheerleader. kay, rant over.
Tomorrow is my last friday night football game of the season. Tomorrow is the last time I will ever perform this exact marching band show. Tomorrow is the last time I will be performing Magione Magic with my second family called a band. Tonight was my last rehearsal as a freshman marcher. I know I will cry tomorrow. </3
Tonight is my first homecoming dance. My dress is beautiful, my shoes are beautiful, I'll be with my crush, and my best friends. But, why am i still not super excited? I don't understand it at all!
Breaking up with my boyfriend tomorrow because he is super clingy. He sits next to me in band, so it's going to be weird and awkward. D: 
me: lets go home and watch spongebob
my 8 year old brother: alright, but lets watch the weenie hut episode so you can feel like you can relate because you belong there
me: hug me brotha!
 This boy is seriously hilarious.... had to be there...

I know people hate One Direction quotes. BUUUTTT
I just found out I share a birthday with Eleanor Calder...
This is amazing.
kay, bye. ;P

the Book
by Julia Hoban is honestly the most inspirational book I have ever read.<3