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Quotes by chica13801

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
You actually thought I would cry over you?!
I told you I
loved you,
And you thought it was
guess what, Playa?!
You got
played too!
Sometimes we waste too much time
about someone
doesn't even think
                                                        for a
                   -Wiz Khalifa

Dear Boy,
I try to hate
you for making me feel like I wasn't worth it, like I wasn't good enough. Still I think about you, but I don't know why..... 
My Broken Heart  </3

I Hate it:
 When your best guy friend tells you they like someone a whole lot, finds out it's your best friend... </3 

I love it when you look across the room to take a quick peek at him, and he's looking at you too...

Truth #4:
I dream too much,
and live too little...


Truth #3:
I wish for you to be the one...
too bad wishing doesn't make things come true...

Truth #2:
I'm taking University Spanish next year,
not because it will look good on my college applications,
but because you are taking it...

Truth #1:
i sit with people at my lunch table
that i don't even like...


i woke up with a strange

Not sure how i got it,
Not a dollar in my pocket,
but it kinda looks like you<3
......Mixed with Zach Galifianakisi