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Quotes by chichabby17

You arent qoin to be his first, his last, or his Only;
hes loved before, and he will lOve aqain, but if he loves you nOw
What else matters? hes not perfect, you arent either
and the two of you will Never be perfect.
but if he can make you lauqh, at least once, cause you
to think twice, and admits to beinq human, and makinq mistakes
hOld on to him and qive him the most you can.
hes not qoin to quote poetry, hes not qoin to be thinkinq
about you every moment, but you will be a part of him.
dont chanqe him... dont expect more than he can qive.
dont try to over-analyze...... smile when he makes you happy
cry when he makes you sad yell when he makes you mad
and miss him when hes not there.

Every qood thinq in Life takes time
and theres nO limit On how much time you miqht need.
Maybe a week; Maybe a mOnth; or maybe a year.
But see,, nOne of that really matters
cause if its meant to be it will happen♥

not mines,, but lOve it!
someday you'll cry for me
like i cried for you
someday you'll miss me
like i missed you
someday you'll need me
like i needed you
someday you'll love me 
And it's me who is my enemy,
 me who beats me up,
me who makes the monsters,
me who strips my confidence,
and it's me who is to weak,
and it's me who is too shy to ask for the thing I love
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
- Elenor Roosevelt
i hesitate about lettinq him know 
about the way i feel, i place it on hold.
i dont want it to ruin our friendship && love.
he means alot to me, he became my
N 0 B 0 D Y
dies virgin.
life f*ck
us all.

No one can accuse you of falling in love
with the wrong person
if inside you know
he is the one.
Late at night when all the world is sleeping,
I stay up and think of you...
and I wish on a star that somewhere
you're thinking of me, too.
my quilty pleasure
T E X T i N G :]