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I'm okay, everything's just fine.
The most painful thing is seeing you act like everything is okay. It's not okay, and you know it. Otherwise, you wouldn't smile so much. Pretending not to feel any pain just doubles what you actually inside, then you suffer more.



My parents don't even know the real me..

They don't know how many tears I've cried.
How many nights I spend waiting for a call.
How many times I've been hurt by someone.
They don't know that their "little princess" has grown up..


I'thkind ogirl
who feels ugly without make up,
and when she has bad hair, her whole day is bad,

who is a lot more self conscious then you would think.
The type of girl who hates her own voice, and thinks she is really annoying.
The girl who has a huge heart, but gets used a lot.
The girl who always wants to have real friends, but always seems to choose bad ones.
The kind of girl who just wants to be loved by you,


it'hard taccepthtruth

when the lies were exactly what you wanted to hear.


love is like
a rubberband. We keep pulling, someone lets go,

and it hurts the one who held on.

-not my format-

the sad thing is,
no matter how much he hurts me, i would still do anything for him.

he thinks he's a player but
he doesn't know, she's the coach. 

If I ignore you, don't ignore me back.
Try and get my attention.
If I brush away your hand as you try to hold it,
grab it and let me know you really care.
Don't just give up.
If I seem like I'm doubting you and us,
reassure me that this is just one
of a million obstacles
we're going to go through in this relationship.
Don't act all depressed and beat yourself up about it.
If you get the feeling that I want to leave you,
don't just sit back and watch me.
Don't say, "you can leave me if you want to".
Fight for me.
Tell me how much you want me to stay.
I'm just a girl.
And I need to feel needed sometimes.



You cant make the same mistake twice.

the second time you make it,
it's no longer a mistake, it's a choice.