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the credit. dont you dare remove this balloon fella or you die

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yeah, that
      girl's a  h e a r t b r e a k e r
& she'll make you cry, but when
-you're without   her-

you  m i s s  h e r  and wonder
           why.   ✯  ✯   


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Oh my god, I am so beautiful. I have fingers to hold lonely one’s hands. I have a nose to sniff the smell of the seasons. I have eyes to see piercing colors of the Earth and animals. Legs, arms, ears, my voice, even my belly button- it’s all a miracle. My body is so wonderfully miraculous! How my heart pumps blood and never stops to take a break, not even once.. what determination. My hearts beats for myself, for all my my beauty to sustain itself, so I can see all of the beauty everywhere else. Oh god, that’s beautiful.” — a very beautiful girl living in a very beautiful world    

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December 28th

At this age, everything is changing. Day by day we don't notice, but just look back over the past year and you will realize everything has. People you thought were going to be there forever aren't, and people you never imagined having are now some of your closest friends. Life makes little sense, and the more we grow the less sense it will make. So make the most of it now, before it all changes once again, because in the near future, all of this is only going to be memories.
- ((tumblr))

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happy holidays!



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Oh my goodness.

  I am in SUCH a good mood right now.
 I've discovered tons of new amazing songs.
 I feel pretty and I'm not even wearing makeup.
 It's snowing and the Christmas tree is up.
 I just realized how many friends I have that I love and they love    me back. 

 Everything is wonderful. I'm so happy. 
❅ ❅ 


if yodon'know

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give a fxck, bxtch i feel great.
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---------------everybody knows
so  don't pretend  to be nice,
there's no place you can hide,
you  are   just   an  ásshole,
everyone knows.---------------

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It takes two, two sides to every story, not just me, you can't keep ignoring. But let me be, first baby, to say i'm sorry.

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'Cause it's your heart, it's alive, it's pumping blood-
anthe  wholwidworld
--------------is whistling.-------------