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My name's Reeya.
I'm actually putting up my story on Witty. You should read it ^.^

I love to read. And write. And read. And color. And make new friends. And read. And eat. Did I mention that I love to read?
Chester See is amazing. And so is Ryan Higa. And Kevin Wu. Enrique Iglesias is pretty awesome too.
Oh, I almost forgot!

Guess what?

You're beautiful. Don't let ANYONE tell you anything less than that.

And now I leave you with a quote:

"Life is not a garden; don't be a hoe" :)


Quotes by chimmey97

I'm doing alright without you baby,
I'm leaving all that darkness behind me,
Making changes in my life,
So when that sunshine finally finds me,
I can stand fully in the light,
Spread my wings and reach for sky, I never felt so alive
Must be nice,
Having someone who understands the life you live.
Must be nice,
Having someone who's slow to take and quick to give.
Must be nice,
Having someone who sticks around when the rough times get thick,
someone who's smile is bright enough to make the projects feel like a mansion.
Must be nice,
Having someone who loves you despite your faults.
Must be nice,
Having someone who talks the talk but also walks the walk.
Must be nice,
Having someone who understands that a thug has feelings too,
someone who loves you for sho',
you just remember to never let 'em go.
*friend and I talking about Witty*
Him: I don't know what that is!
Me: Look it up.
Me: NOW.
Me: It's an antisocial site (;
Him: Oh..

Anyone went to the Model United Nations conference at Georgia Southern this weekend?

Your eyes are {wonderful}

your smile is too.

Your laugh's contagious,

and your heart is TRUE.

There's beauty in your touch,

and your kiss is l♥ve.

You're everything that every

guy dreams of,

You're everything that makes

me fall in love ♥

Alright you guys, my grandpa said he'll buy you any ice cream you want if you answer this question correctly:

If 12 hens lay 12 eggs in 12 days, how long will it take 1,000 hens to lay 1,000 eggs?

*HINT* It isn't 1,000.
If a guy says he's cold does that mean he wants you to cuddle with him?

Am I the only one who loves Chester See and Ryan Higa and Kevin Wu and all those guys?

Sadness is a choice; you don't have to be like this.

Chin up, darling.


Show them that you're strong.

Everything will be alright.


Section 4

He paused for a moment as the waitress asked if we wanted anything to drink. Chris and I declined politely while Harrison said nothing, earning a dirty look from her. As soon as she left, Harrison continued. "The night she was reported missing, a witness came forward and said that he saw her leave a hotel in New York. However, she was leaving the room of Carl Morris." Harrison paued for effect, giving Chris a chance to talk. "Laila, do you remember the first assignment you were offered? It was from Carl Morris." I remember this man very well. Morris is a religous radical. He was known for his extreme views and for wanting to annihalite every other religon except for his spiritual beliefs of reincarnation and preserving everything in the environment. Morris, 67 years old, loves young women. Not prostitutes, but rich women high up in society. He pays them after they leave his room and they put in a good word for Morris. It's almost as if nothing had happened. Morris tried to hire me and Chris to kill a friend of his, no reason given. Chris denied for us, thinking it was wrong. "I remember him, Chris," I said, turning to face Harrison, "Creepy old guy. I've done my research. He's a morphine addict, too."

The story's kind of getting exciting. I almost want to skip some of it and get to the part I'm writing right now xD. But, I can't do that! If you want to be notified, I can notify you! Just comment. Thank you, beautiful!