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Hey! I’m Chloe. I’m loud and sometimes a bit too out going Jmy best friends are Laney Carina and Emily. I love music and I like to ready. If you follow me I will follow you too! Love all my witty girls out there!!! <3 

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My sister is friggin awesome
Live your life, without limitations.
Live Your Life, Without Limitations.
Summer; Tans, beaches, cute boys, and no school? Bring It On!
FACEBOOK: A place where people know you by name, so they judge you.
WITTY: A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE FIND OUT what”s truly on your mind or what’s weighing on your heart.
This is a thank you to Witty and all the amazing girls on it who never judge and are always just there to listen.
Those days where you feel like everybody deserves to get hit in the face with a shovel... </3
I seem to have the worst taste.... either that makes me a failure or an artist <3
Ican’t seea darnthing, butcould itbe thatthe greyclouds Iloved completelyblinded me?
Who else watches ANIME?
Today my friend asked me how to properly put in a tampon...most awkward moment of my life...