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926 more paper cranes to go...
Hey everyone I'm Chloe, and my number one goal for this year is to make 1000 paper cranes. I love all my friends and have a passion for kandi jewelry. (Look it up in google if you don't know what that is) I will listen to anybody's problems and if you need to vent please go ahead and comment! Wont be on until monday, make more quotes then!
Oooh another box..
Hi again! My best friends are...
gogoletsgo (Camila)
xxlexx6 (Alexis)
smexy_beast101 (Sydney)
ICESKATER103 (Brookie!)
tayjay99991 (Taylor J.)
skigrl741 (taylor H.) Happy birthday!

Quotes by chloe_ballerina

#1 I'm the type of person..

Who makes faces at people or act like I'm deranged when I walk by a window of a restaurant

Starting a series, trying to find out if I'm not the only one who does this stuff!



Who else thinks they 

They could not live one day without music...

"What does She see in him?"
"Maybe he drugged her?"

You're 5,

and you have a phone?
Who are you gonna call?


Baby, You're A