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926 more paper cranes to go...
Hey everyone I'm Chloe, and my number one goal for this year is to make 1000 paper cranes. I love all my friends and have a passion for kandi jewelry. (Look it up in google if you don't know what that is) I will listen to anybody's problems and if you need to vent please go ahead and comment! Wont be on until monday, make more quotes then!
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Hi again! My best friends are...
gogoletsgo (Camila)
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ICESKATER103 (Brookie!)
tayjay99991 (Taylor J.)
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chloe_ballerina's Favorite Quotes

All your quirks and all your problems,
Even your depressions and your failures,
That's what makes you, you.

— Gerard Way


This quote does not exist.
*laughs for 10 minutes*
*catches breath*
*thinks about what made me laugh*
*laughs for 10 more minutes*

Do you ever just getting a burning desire to kiss someone?

Not necessarily a boyfriend or anything, just a guy to wrap his

tightly around you and make you feel wanted?

or is it just me...
I want a job at Starbucks because I'm going to spell everyone's name wrong so they can't Instagram their cups.

Me: *on a plane*
Plane: *taking off*
Me: *turns to person beside me*
Me: *whispers* we're soarin', flyin'

You're 5,

and you have a phone?
Who are you gonna call?



 And  I see a person I know and they ask me "Hey, what are you doing here?" & i'm just like "Oh, you know hunting elephants". 



The Bracelet Project

Every disorfer has a color that corresponds to it. 
Schizophrenia- Gold
Bipolar/Mood- Silver
Anorexia- Red
Bulimia- Purple
Depression- Blue
Selfharm- Orange / Black
Fasting at the time- Green
Suicidal- Yellow
Overweight- Turquoise
Anxiety/OCD- Teal

Adding white beads means you're in recovering. You can add different colors to the strands to represent more than one disorder. 
If you see a person in public wearing one, you're supposed to make eye contact and point to the bracelet. If the other person nods, you'll know they are part of the bracelet project. 

Please spread this! 

The Hearts Project

Draw a heart(s) on your wrist. Each color represents something.
Selfharm- Red
Eating Disorders- Green
Anxiety- Purple
Depression- Blue
Sucidal- Orange
Recovering- Yellow outline
Recovered- White outline 
Not recovering/need help- Black

               Me: Guys, shut up! My mom's calling me!
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               Friend 2: 
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               Best Friend: