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my name is chloe and i'm in loveeee with dance. especially tap and pointe<3 i also love to play guitar and i love to sing! sooo much! dance and music has deff. saved me<3
I have an amazingly awesome 'brother' nick! (ngng1999) and sister emilee! (emileechristine1898) i love them and i wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!! <333 and my new witty brother DanceFuckerDance <3 ahhh gotta love witty(:

i love Alvin and the Chipmunks and i'm IN LOVE with alvin. and Beauty and the Beast and Tangled are my favorite Disney movies. Witty is my favorite webite next to facebook haha. i love to be happy even when i'm going through a really hard time. i'm always here for you (even if i don't know you) if you ever wanna know anything just hmu<3 (:

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When the guy that likes you finally breaks out of his shell & sends this when some other guy hurts you so bad...

"Baby dan't listen to him! You're my dream girl and if I would;ve been there I would've beat the f*ck out of him! You're beautiful!!! no matter what anyone says. Listen to me, I know you are beautiful and I'm not lying to you at all. If you were here, I could wrap you up in my arms and hold you and love you and play with youre hair and compliment youand treat you like you deserved to be treated.. like a gorgeous princess.. would you be my gorgeous princess?"

May I just say... BREATH.LESS. #whenguysarntscared
i've been lovin' you
for quite sometime 
time time
So i think that it's best if we both sta
I've found someone else so if you're trying to make me jealous it's not working.... sorry honey.. ;)

it's been 10 years and 1 month since the loss of my brother. i've made it this far in life, i'm 14 (almost 15) and i'm living this life for him. 

can i get just like 20 likes for him?

on a scale of
one - Adele
how bad was your break up?
...about a taylor swift...

When you can't put what you want to say into words.....

now he will never know

When all your friends ditch you to play a game and your just like
'Screw watching this sh*t i'm getting on witty!!!' <3

how many think this is stupid?!
my boyfriend just broke up with me because he wants to be able to flirt with other girls because it makes him happy. Second, he told me I was the reason that he had 3 F's because he was getting to caught up and couldn't do his own sh*t and to wait until summer when school is over so he can take a break and flirt. If i wasn't over it by then he would take me back. ISN'T. THIS. STUPID???

He broke up with me.... </3

He broke up with me.... </3