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hello there

i'm trinity and school's started and i'm sad.

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It's not okay to feel not okay, even if it's only for a while. You should do whatever it takes to make that feeling go away. You deserve greatness. I don't care if "it will be okay in the future" because today is not the future and you are living right now, and right now I think you should be okay. You deserve it.

i miss the rain
pattering on the windows at night as I sleep. Summer, please come back soon.



f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5 n m q!

   say yeah, let's be alone


It's funny        how just one boy can overtake all of           your                                                                                                    
Today, we had to switch seats in French and I sit next to him!! This is so amazing, I am literally grinning so big that my cheeks are sore hehe (: We had a nice conversation today! I hope we have convo's like this everyday.. weeeeeee!!
Today my friend literally tripped over a banana in the cafeteria and i really have no words. Oh my god.
"I'm tired" -a biography by me
My logic: Blames school for my procrastination problem
tired and lame? that's my game.

"some would rather die than be who they are."