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don't forget, you're all beautiful.


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Kennedy; Basketball. Music. Friends. I know people have it worse than me but my life is pretty sh/tty too. I've been bullied since 3rd grade. Words do hurt. Don't tell me you understand unless you've walked a mile in my shoes. My family isn't all that close, but they mean the world to me. My brother is my bestfriend. I blow out the candles on October 13th. I'm an easy person to talk to. I know what it feels like to have no friends. I know what it feels like to think no one cares. I know what it feels like to seem almost invisible. I know what it feels like to go through hell & have to hide it all with a smile. I know what it feels like. If you need anyone to talk to, to cry to, to vent to, anything; I will be here for you. You are beautiful.
Hi,you're cute.

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how do you get a layout? i'm stupidd, & don't know how . -.-
I decided to make a new Witty to get away from all the hate on this one. Follow me on my other account? (:
The cuts just get
deeper & deeper
The girl who seemed unbreakable,
The girl who seemed so strong,
The girl who was always laughing,
The girl who never stopped trying,
Finally gave up.


I just want to understand myself.

my phone battery lasts longer than your relationships.
Crying so hard you can't breathe.
Yeah, that's me.
Right now.

Plot Twist: Ferb picks what we're doing today.
Sundays are bumdays.