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hey i'm starting a story called "Them bad girls" PLEEEEASE check it out.
And yes that is me in my picture, it was at a pro photo take

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this is what a guy sent me last night ..

I'd walk a thousand miles for pleasuring words that come out of your beautiful mouth, and that is "I love you"..
Do I love YOU, you ask? No I don't , infact I hate you , I hate you for making a passion grow inside of me for you day by day stronger and stronger ! I wish I can forget about you for, I know you do not feel the same about me.. But may I ask what your feelings towards me are.. Because I .. Here it come, I love you  .. I love you to heavens and back.. And like I told you from the start I'd walk a thousand miles in the freezing cold for you to tell me you love me like I love you .. 

but i have NO feelings for him ... witty sisters, tell me what to do..he even made it up. 

Favourite if you have blackberry

wake up everyday stronger than the other.
f a c e   y o u r   f e a r s   &&  w i p e   y o u r   t e a r s

the awkward moment when

a GPS tells a gay person to go straight