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READ MEEEEE!!! Hey, I'm Khadijah and I'm 16 years old. My hatch day is December 21st and I live in the dauntless faction with my friend Amanda (witty name: sparklemisty). My favorite books are the divergent and house of night series (divergent movie coming march 21st, 2014). My favorite band is my chemical romance and my favorite color is rainbow. Well, I guess you potatoes must get tired of reading this, SOOOO... If you made it THIS far, bless your face, if you sneezed during the reading of this, bless YOU. Peace off! BOOP!

Quotes by the-queen-of-feels*

Surprise. You didn't think you'd see me again, did you?
I went to go see the school play on Friday with my crush.
too bad he's also my friend.
anyways, we were sitting there, making fun of people, once in a while.
then I realize its ALMOST a date. 
He offered me a ride,
we were the only people there, (well, our friends were selling candy),
and we were in constant contact of each other.
when the play ended,
he offered me a ride home.
too bad I'm not allowed to go out with a guy,
so I lied to my mom and told her I was going with my friends.
i wasn't really completely lying.
Me: how are you?
mom: I'm good.
me: I wasn't talking to you.
mom: then WHO could you POSSIBLY be talking to?
me: my twin sister.
mom: you don't have a twin sister.
mom: you're a dork. Finish your homework so we can go to the mall already.
how do you burn your school down and make it look like a gas leak?
I wish I could thank MCR for all they've done for me in life, like, they've helped me through the toughest year of school (7th grade). i felt like an outcast and that nobody loved me because I was always overweight. i didn't cut (I don't judge it either, my little sister does it), I used food.. Well, I still use food for coping. so when I felt horrible and wanted to die, I'd listen to them and feel better. And when I was happy, I would listen to them and stay happy. and one day I'm on google images looking up pictures of Gerard Way, and I see a picture of him of when HE was in high school, mind you, it was 2 years ago when I saw this. i was surprised to see that he, too, was overweight. It made me happy and feel not alone that my hero was chubby, too. and a month ago, I'm scrolling through tumblr and I see another Gerard Way picture, along with Vic Fuentes and other band people and their 'mental disorders'. under Gerard, there was depressed and suicidal, and it gave me a flashback of when I was in seventh grade and feeling the EXACT same way. when MCR broke up after 12 years together, I was devastated, like most people would be. but I also was sad that I never got to go to one of their concerts before it happened. But most of all, I want to thank Gerard, Frank, Ray, Mikey (and for a while,Bob) for their music. 
If they could see this, it would be awesome.
but anyway, that's me and my wierdness in a quote.

no joke, my mom just texted me 'punch buggy powder blue'.
like, I'm just sitting here in class after finishing a test and my iPad messenger tells me to check it,
and my mom just sends me a random text as she's on her way home before going to work.
Wow, already a year on witty profiles. I'm so old.
Now I'm sad.
I desperately need a computer.
you may be wondering how I'm writing this quote.
its a school iPad.
anyways, I need a computer to do my budget project and Frankenstein essay.
both are due tomorrow.
freakinf out.
sister using computer.
yay, more stress.
and no, I cannot do the essay and project on the iPad, cuz it con only do SO MANY things.
okay, so yesterday, I was wearing a skirt, a blue shirt, and some boots. 
In seminar, my friend Lia puts makeup on me and puts on some fake lashes. 
I go through the rest of seminar and all of lit, still wearing the makeup and lashes. 
I go to lunch and see the guy I like standing in the lunch line. 
All of a sudden, he's like 'Khadijah, why do you look so pretty today?'. 
So I got my little fangirl moment going on inside me when he asks 'Is it for me?' And I tried playing it cool and said 'Of course' in a joking voice, but being completely honest. 
I swear, it was the best moment of my life and I can't wait to see him at lunch today!