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hey i never thought that i would do this,but i'm leaving witty. don't miss me too much :) - Sara

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When did leggings become pants?
- Tim Gunn
The average prison meal is more nutritious
than the average school lunch meal.
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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
It's irrates me when someone witty famous has thousands of followers and is following like 4 people.
May 29th
I reached 500 followers
I'm so happy. I always thought i wasnt that known on witty. It always make me smile when i get a notification so and so followed you:). Witty is my life. I spend almost all free time on witty. I have a day off witty. It's the weekend witty. It's summer oh time to go on witty. I want to thank Steve for creating this wonderful website. I don't even know what i was thinking with my username? What's a chocomickey? Didn't put much thought into that. I want to thank everyone who's followed me and faved my quotes through my time on witty. I don't think i've fangirled harder when HaleStorm_18 and Yourcool followed me. I have a bunch of wonderful friends on witty that make coming on here better. Eli, Kim, Cammie, Lauren, Spencer , Maddy, Bailey and Bridgit. (sorry if i forgot anyone dont take it to heart) Thank You ❤
Too ugly to date attractive people
Too attractive to date ugly people
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Stupid + Stupid = You

Don't you just love Bunnylover'43's formats
I do. You should follow her and me

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