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hey i never thought that i would do this,but i'm leaving witty. don't miss me too much :) - Sara

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mommie i love you ❤
Be grateful for the things that you have because some people don't have good things or things at all. Some people don't have as good a life as you do.
i finally figured out how to make a format with a cool large shadow
I think boys who play baseball should be required to wear their baseball pants all day during school all during baseball season.
If the height of a step is off by little as 2 millimeters , most people with trip.
Gentleman is such a bad song,but its so catchy
Why can't there be pajama day in high school?? High schoolers want to go to school in pajamas...
Who remembers the Emperor's New Groove
I hope he realizes by merely saying hi to me & asking what's up? he made my day
I have math homework i need to do...
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