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Quotes by chops2013

See life for it's truth,
not it's false perceptions.
the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life rejected me today,
there's a blow to my non existant confidence.
When I talk to someone I like I feel like punching something because I'm so frustrated about how much I like them I don't know what to do with all this loving frustration so I affectionality punch a wall

              F*ck it.
There was once lived a shrimp.
This shrimp had a best friend called Christian.
when suddenly they saw a shark andran away
 because the shark would eat them.
The shrimp says to Christian 
"I wish i was a shark I could do whatever I wanted"
That night the shrimp goes home and prays to Poseidon
"Poseidon! Poseidon! Please make me a shark"
The next morning he wakes up and he is a shark!
He goes looking for his friends, but they all run away because 
they jsut see a shark. So that night he prays to Poseidon again.
"Poseidon! Poseidon! Please i've made a horrible mistake! please 
make me a shrimp again!"
The next morning he wakes up and he is a shrimp! 
he goes outside and looks for his friend but he can't find him anywhere 
He runs around screaming 
"Christian! Christian! I'm a prawn again Christian!" 

-I laughed  far too much at this joke! xD 

its beyond me how anyone could even consider eating toast in their bed.
the crumbs would torture me
Men of the world,
Do not comment on a girls period.
It's not worth it.
-Mentally beaten boy
Just when you think you're over someone
the memories just whack you in the face.
  Girls, periods can not be that bad,
count yourselves lucky
you will never get 
awkward b0ner infront of your crush.