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I don't post a lot anymore, so I hope you laugh when I do. *insert 329346216 smiley faces*

no really.


Quotes by * nicocchi *


some people really shouldn't have access to the internet. 

it's just an accident waiting to happen.


If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that in 7th grade, I saw a boy

wearing light pink shorts and freaking prayed to God that he

wouldn't get his period and ruin them.

Then I remembered boys don't get their period.


Well, today's the day. I've officially been on Witty for an entire year.

I'll write more about this later since I'm short on time right now.


now if I only I could finish previously said fanfic for English class.


that lovely moment when your English teacher tells you she's

really excited to read your story which is actually an anime fanfic.


It's amazing how you can end up seeing people's true colors in a matter of days.


Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 Preview

Rin: Yo, Haru

Rin: We're going out

Me: is that caNON I HEAR

emotionally eating and realizing food is your only true friend that will

never leave you because of your séxual preference.


I'm told all summer to make plans with people,

and when I finally do, my parents say no.

Do we see the problem here?