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The Basics

I'm Christof | 18 | FL | Tumblr | Lauren ♥ 2.14.13

Quotes by christofx

911: Hello, whats your emergency?

Me: Yes, hi.
Some b.i.t.c.h just killed my vibe.

she said no strings attatched
and I still got caught up in that.

While you're happy with him..
Im sitting here hoping that it all falls apart. 
It doesn't even matter if he breaks your heart.

Just know i'll be the first to respond when it all goes dark.



If you listen closely you can hear no one giving a s.h.i.t about you.


30% of my workout is spent on picking different songs


  Girls need to stop looking for a relationship.

Just be patient and let it find you.

We all got issues just different magazines.

We all sleep but have different dreams.


Here's to the girls that:

Have respect for themselves.

Who remembers the peruvian puff pepper?


 The phyisical fight between food


the mental fight with the gym.