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kasandra.nobody likes you when you're 23.i've found my soulmate.

Quotes by SANDD*

maybe i should have loved me first.

You were so toxic to me and I was so in love with you..

I was an idiot begging on my knees on the I don't even want u anymore.

honestly idk if anybody could get someone like me.... i’m immature & mature at the same time. i’m a goofball but i’m also deep & weird & romantic. my mind is so over developed but depressed & always in a constant war with myself.... i’m just not sure how to deal with the personality i have, i’m odd, but i can make you feel like nothing in this world can compare to a person like you & i can promise ya that much, i’m sure most will tell ya it’s the truth..

I got 1 more relationship in me before I start acting like my Dad