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Quotes by SANDD*

what i miss most is,how you loved me. But what I didn't know was how you loved me had so much to do with the person I was. It was a reflection of everything I gave to you coming back to me. How did I not see that? How did I sit here soaking in the idea that no one else would love me that way, when it was I who taught you. When it was I that showed you how to fill, the way I needed to be filled. How cruel I was to myself, giving you credit for my warmth simply because you had felt it. Thinking it was you who gave me strength. Wit. Beauty. Simply because you refused to take your eyes off it. As if I was not already these things before I met you. As if I did not remain all these once you left.

People will hate you for believing in yourself. But I'd rather be hated for what I am then to be loved for what I'm not 💯

Never get too attached,because people wake up with different feelings everyday.👌

He carried stars in his pockets because he knows she fears the dark.Whenever sadness pays her a visit, he paints galaxies on the back of her hands.

But something makes me carry's difficult to understand, why I always wanna fly.i do it for the drugs.i do it just to feel alive.I do it for the love,that I get from the bottom of a bottle.💙

&& i don't want the world to see me,Cause I don't think that they'd understand.When everything's made to be broken,I just want you to know who I am.

Don't you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you. I can't live a lie running for my life, I will always want you. I came in like a wrecking ball, I never hit so hard in love. All I wanted was to break your walls,all you ever did was wreck me. Yeah,you, you wrecked me.❤

Never worry about the past, it brings tears. Dont think too much about the future, it brings fears. Live in the present moment with a smile, it brings cheers.

Everything will be changed.
Nothing will be the same again.
's getting harder for me to be the person I liked so much.
's getting harder to be the person everyone is used to seeing.
It's getting harder to find happiness like I used to.
It's getting easier to become distant.
It's getting easier to become cold.
t's getting easier to show what I've been hiding for so long.
thing is the same.
Everything has changed..
At some point you will realize that you have
done too much for someone, that the only
next possible step to do is to stop.
Leave them alone.
Walk away.
It's not like you're giving up, and it's not
like you shouldn't try.
It's just that you have to draw the line
of determination from desperation.
What is truly yours will eventually be yours,
and what is not, no matter how hard
you try, will never be.
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