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SANDD*'s Favorite Quotes

"the worst thing about losing your
best friend is you
can't tell your best friend about it."
"I'm going to be okay. i've got people
who love me even when I feel like i don't deserve it, i've got things to look forward to, people to love, dogs to pet, great music to listen to and i'm going to be okay. we're all going to be okay."

Beauty is also about the way you
move, speak, and express yourself.
It's about good health, warmth,
spontaneity and charisma.

  "i told him he could come and find me if he ever changed
    his mind," she said, "but i never heard from him again.
     so you see, sometimes you offer people choices hoping
      that they'll choose you. sometimes you offter them choices
        knowing that they never will."

you cracked a smile
up towards the sky,
that thought alone will
keep me happy for my life.
but I ask now,
how can angels fly
when you’re still on the ground?

This quote does not exist.

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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
ā€• Mae West

Before you date me you need to understand that I'm damaged. I get triggered easily. I have struggled with things. I continue to struggle with things There are nights when I'm curled up on a ball on the floor and I won't talk to anyone. I'll shut you out. I'm not going to be able to trust you for a while, because everyone has always left, cheated, or chosen someone else. I will need reassurance. I will need you. I will need you to keep choosing me. I'll need you to care when I text you saying I'm getting bad again. I'm a lot, I know this.
So before you think I'm always happy, that I'll always be positive, that i will always be smiling just know the reality before you get involved. Don't enter my life if you can't handle it. Lastly, don't you dare touch my heart if you aren't ready for that.


What’s my religion? Drive fast and hope we don’t die. Love like fire and b.itch when we get burned. Sleep wherever we can as a result of not wanting to sleep at all. Cry. Often. Drink to make everyone else more interesting. Always smoke before dinner and sometimes afterward; reverse that for s.ex. There are no one-night stands; we just love each other for a few hours at a time. Try not to appear resentful, aim for reminiscent. Hope tomorrow is a better day...

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