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Quotes by chuchifrita101

it's amazing how a person can break your heart..
                             ' a n d   y o u   s t i l l   m a n a g e   t o   l o v e   h i m   w i t h   a l l   t h e   s h a t t e r e d   p i e c e s .


There's a difference between h.u.r.t and a.n.g.e.r


Truth is;
You're a great guy.
But you're not good enough.
None of you are good enough.
Because I still and always will
just want him.
Fav (<3) if you can relate to this.

Favorite if;;

HE is all you think about EVERYDAY.
YOU feel like he hardly notices you.. or he just USES you.
HE is the only ONE you want.
and YOU've fallen helplessly in LOVE.

I'm just speaking from experience,
Nothing can compare to your first true love.
So I hope this will remind you;
When it's for real, it's forever.
So don't forget about us.

<3. Ladies, don't give up on him.
&& I'm so sick of love songs;
        So tired of tears.
          So done with wishing
you were still here.
I wished for you.
I Just Wonder...
Do you ever think of me anymore?

Here's to the girls who;;
smile even though they feel broken.