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Black Backround
The Beatles
- John Lennon R.I.P
- Paul McCartney <3
- George Harrison R.I.P
- Ringo Starr <3

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Hello everyonee, 
My name is Claudiaa, i'm 15 years old
& as you can see, i love the 1960's 
music, especially The Beatles♥ 
Besides that, i'm a dancer & i have been dancing for a little bit more
 than 10 years now, and i absolutly love it.
I love making friends on Witty so
comment me :)
thanks xo


I would like to talk about the one person that 
means the most to me!
It's my bestfriend, my better half &
the sister i never had!
Her name is !Em, she is truly the most
amazing person i've ever met in my 
life! Together we are Sky&June!
We are soo different but yet, so alike.
without her, i wouldn't have 
went through with somethings,
She is emotionally, mentally & 
physically always there for me, &
she knows i am for her!
i lovee you sky xo♥

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since 2007, unitl forever*

 " I 'm just a musical prostitute, my dear."
Freddie   Mercury♥

Quotes by claadifraa

sometimes you have to cry
for no reason 
to make up
for the times you 
wanted to but didn't
Someday, someone will walk into your life, and make you realize why it never worked out with anybody else.


fear of going to school



difficulty describing feelings to other people.

Dance like no one's watching.  ♫

a whole new year to screw up. a whole new drama scene. a whole new chance.

Don't you love it when guys wear skinny jeans

When the thinnest person in the room tells you they want to lose weight... 
I'm like  -_-