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My Boyfriend, Alex<3
My Best  Friends(Girls); Briana&Amanda
My Best Friends(Guys); Alex<3&Richard(BigRich)

A Day To Remember<3
My Chemical Romance<3
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Hello. My name's Claire and I'm 15 years old. My birthday is September 11th and i feel terrible for all the friends and families who lost their lives and loved ones in that attack and in war. I'm a Sophomore in High School and i have the most wonderful boyfriend ever, Alex<3 he means everything to me and i only have a few friends:/ I'm not close to my family, we don't really get along and they make me feel like a worthless not good enough piece of shit most of the time. I almost always have my phone&iPod on me, they are my life. I am absolutely in love with music, it gets me through the tough times along with Alex<3 I tend not be well liked; I've been called a handful of names that i will never forget&always be haunted with. People judge me on my past&my mistakes. I try my hardest to ignore all those people and forget everything, it never happens. I get depressed very easily and overthink way way to much:/ My role model is Liz Lee from My Life as Life on MTV because she is so different. I am extremely weird and I'm totally different then most people you probably know. i have a thing for serial killers &cannibals; i hope to go into Criminal Justice when im older. My favorite TV show is Criminal minds <3 thats all for now, Byyeee(:

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It's really heartbreaking that my family knows nothing about me like...
My favorite color is red.
My favorite animal is a giraffe.
I've very preverted & my mind is anything but clean.
That i dont eat for a reason, they dont suspect anything.
I have anger issues, but that seems to past them when I get mad.
I have depression, they dont see it even when I make certain comments.
I love my boyfriend more than anything & I will do anything for him and I'm not gonna leave him just because he's going into the ariforce next year. Get real.
That I really can't stand them, like I make it obvious.
That I have only 4 friends:/ one's my boyfriend & the other three I hardly see outside of school.
I've cut myself, my boyfriend's the reason I dont.
I'm very insecure, about everything even the way I act.
Yes, I find serial killers interesting doesn't mean I'm "acting stupid".
They make me feel worthless and nothing I do is ever good enough.
I can be suicidal, I've thought of ways to kill myself. Like I said they don't suspect anyting.
I want to runaway, I have since I was 8.
Once I'm 18 I'm out of this house, me and my boyfriend have already made plans to move to California after I graduate.
I'm 15 he's 18, age doesnt fricken matter! Get that through your head now.
They make me hate life.
I overthink all the time, which is why I'm in bad moods a lot.
My favorite bands are A Day to Remember, Bring Me The Horizon & My Chemical Romance, their music is amazingly good and they help me drown out my thoughts. 
& There's so much more... but they know nothing. One day they're gonna regret not getting to know the real me when they hada the chance.


 That girl with that beautiful smile on her face...that isn't real, not even close. She plasters that on her face every day, fooling people that she's "fine" when really she's broken, slowly, painfully dying inside but no one seems to notice. They all just take her word for it when she tells the same lie over and over again, that she's "fine, just a tad tired".


 Don't go, I can't do this on my own. Save me from the ones that haunt me in the night. I can't live with myself, so stay with me tonight. Don't go.


Tell me that you love me 'cause I need you so much. Tell me that you need me 'cause I love so much. Say you'll never leave me 'cause I need you so much.


What if i told you that you take up the most space in my brain

 You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about.  

When i look at the stars i think of you 

Oh Darling, Lets be Adventurers 


I think a soul mate  is someone who will make you be the most "you" that you can possibly so