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; okay, i'm backk. ;D
i'm claire:) i'm pretty simple & confusing.
i wear my heart on my sleeves,and if you know me you know everything i'm feeling. i let alot of people in my life, they're my sanity. i've learned that heartbreak and let down are a part of lifee, i'm used to it. haaah, i love smiling and laughing. i think i laugh harder more and more.(:  i have some pretty amazing best friends. i get good grades i guess, 8thh grade. i'm an oldyyy-4teeen. soccer's my lifeeee<3 i like getting stuff out, so prepare yourself, you probably won't get it. no offense:]

Quotes by claire_elise88

R O V E  M E  W R O N G
< 3
            some times goodbye wa
                              a second chance . . .
people won't care what you know____**
    ...('til they know you care)

i love this.
not myy fade.
&i may not know much; but..
know i'll always be there for you<3
dyou know ___what's worth__ fighting for..
t    w    o     h    e   a   r   t   s  < 3
                                    you.  .  .

 I love you
whether you
know it or not
< 3  

 i'm not moving;
  here i am,>firm with my choice<
  [[[[no going back with you]]]]
  your  eyes dont lie(: i know i'm
  not yoou're    o.n.e.   &   only!
  ;now you of  course  have   to,
  know i love you, oh so much:]
  you mean everything to me, in
  some ways.--now we might not
  be "together" but you'll always
 be my bestfriend

*dedicated to..somone
not my fadee!

for every t r l &  t r b u l a t i o n i go through
i'm  stronger__  thanks,,,to ----> y

*not my fade
learning how to get ;;
*past the pa

 i've gothat feeling
 head over heels;