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why hello there
thanks for checkin out my profile now leave
no im kidding dont
well as you can see im obsessed with one direction
what way to 5 gay guys walk
one direction
ok sorry
my name is clare
in 13
my likes include long romantic walks to the fridge
no im kidding
but i enjoy chocolate milk, cookie dough, iced tea, and Niall Horan.
and my ipod is a mix of one direction and one direction
wait no
i like taylor swift, demi lovato, hot chelle rae, and harry styles's body
omg no
wait yes
well this has been sufficiently awkward
i gotta go to my second job as a bartender at PJ Calamities

baby, you light up my world like nobody else

Quotes by clarebear22

doing something awkward then looking around to see if someone noticed

i never stopped loving you.


please read:(
my cousin died the day before thanksgiving. because of someone else's mistake. the driver was his best friend but he was drunk. he was only eighteen, so he turned himself in for DWI, manslaughter, and underage drinking. there were three other kids in the car(also his closest friends) who were perfectly fine. my point is, dont get into a car with someone who was drinking and dont drink and drive. it really messed up his life. pray for my family please? i really miss this kid. he always had a smile on his face. i wish i could see it:(

i'm jusa girl
  trying to find a placin this world.

awk moment

when you make eye contact with the guy you like and you can feel yourself blushing.

&i watched superman
fly away



&My 11:11 11/11/11 wish
was not for my crush to like me. it was not that i got the new  coach shoes and that i got a bunch of preasents for my birhtday. it was not for me to be the prettiest girl in the shool. it was for all of the soliders in the war. it was for al l of the families who have lost a father,mother or relative to this tradgety. I  A M  P R A Y I N G  F O R 
Y O U  A L L<3 stay strong



winne the pooh:

have you ever had one of those days,
whereyoujustcant win?