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The duck walked up to the lemonade stand
and he said to the man running the stand

"hey" *bum bum bum " got any grapes"

my boyfriend is mad at me because he says im emo but i was clincally diagnosed with depression is that right

I see girls all the time complaning about how they miss there boyfriends but I dont complain about it. 

I spend seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, and months waiting till the next time ill see him again. 

I see girls getting mad at there  boyfriends when they dont call them for a day.

I spend sleepless nights and early mornings hoping ill get to hear his voice this week.

Girls get mad when they dont know where there boyfriends were last night.

Im not allowed to know where he is or if hes even safe.

I could get mad and sad at him but why he is serving this country.

I love my navy seal <3


I fell in love <3 with our field commander
and hes the only one that can direct my hearts beat :)


Summer 2011
Senior Year Starts here



My world. My life

What Happens at Band Camp.


Yasmin couldn't believe it, her senior year finally, and she was the section leader of the clarinets.  Band is her one true love its been with her through all the bad times and all the good times.  Most of all it introduced her to her  boyfriend Ethan, who is also a senior, head of the Bass Drum line.  He was the most adorable man she has ever seen. 

Yasmins Point of view

I walked alongside him as we head to the field for the morning practice. 
"wow this sunrise is amazing" he said to me as he holds my hand
"yeah I know its like you can reach out and touch it" I giggle and looks at his amazing blue eyes.
We keep walking along the road to the fields.  His hand nestled in mine and the other hand hes carrying my clarinet.  Then out of nowhere his lips are gently on mine.
"I love you baby," he says as I start to feel the butterfly in the pit of my stomach, "this is going to be the best band camp ever!"
"I love you too, but Ethan this is our last time here forever" I said gently with tiny tears coming out.

theres more to come comment and tell me how you like it so far and ill continue


Im thinking about writing a story called What Happens at Band Camp. i need input if i should or not

sitting in 1st period with 2 people in it BORING

im falling in love with him all over again :(((((