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hi my name is sayde(: im loud at times but its justto hide whatsreally wrong..

Quotes by clarissa157

i herd you're a player, nice too meet you. im the coach:*
soo? i really like him

I hate people somuch.. juststop and leave me alone.

so my "friends" are talking about me and my BESTFRIEND and act like im stupid. and like im not gonna tell them?iddiots!

okay you've been dating for a week you dont really love him/her! so stop saying you do!

the akward moment when your friend dates your ex you still like..

my name mac miller who da f*ck are you?(:

i really like youu, you dont even understand how when you kiss me i smile for hours after.
when i just see you i smile. i love the way you look at me<3 i cant bare the tought of ever lossing you.

i hate when everything going perfect then.. you feel like he doesnt like you anymore..
worst feeling ever, you feel like you heart skins in to your tummy.

when i look at a guy i
look at his shoes then cloths then eyes<3 then smile<3 then hair <333