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Ummm hi! It's me. If you remember my name, that's awesome, but I don't feel like putting it up…. so yeah. I'm 15. I'm a.... DANCER, ARTIST, SISTER, POTTER HEAD, LES MISIE, MLP LOVER, BOOK WORM, SOCIALY AWKWARD, USUALLY QUIET AROUND MY CLASS MATES BUT LOUD WITH MY FRIENDS, MUSIC LOVER, HAVE PERVY MOODS( hehe), horrible at catching things, and a RIDER! OOPS….. I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT: FOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!

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(can't name all of them) The Chorus ( it's in French but has subtitles), To Kill a Mocking Bird, Happily Ever After, Ella Enchanted Disney movies ( you can never be to old), Lady Hawk, The Second Hand Lions, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Narnia


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Im getting worse but you dont notice anything anymore

Hey movies, so I'm on here every once and a while but if you can ready my story called "keeping it in" on my user in there is clearlytruthful just like it is in here. Its kinda been like my other way to get my emotions out because everyone thinks its just a story, stuff is fictional and over exageratrd but the main ideas of everything are true so please read it.
know not many of you will got to read this so here's the deal:
Tomorrow is national suiside survivor day, in honer of all are amazing friends here on witty and the ones who we see in person I want everyone who reads this to draw a heart on your left wrist, add your mane to the end of the list and spred the word to all of your followers.
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So today was ok. X and Talked before first period about how I was" jelly" that he watched the hobbit yeasterdya( nerd probs) after lunch he sat next to my friend at the picnic table but that's ok I guess. Its so hard not to be jealous but I think I'm doing ok cuz its natural. We started talking about hair and my friend was like OMG feel xs hair its so soft. I was like ya I know. X gave me a look like half funny half creeper out and asked me when I had felt it. I responded with saying, remember the homecingin football game. He blushed a little and it said oh ya but it was really cute. Anyway in religion we talked a little before the bell rang. But he came into the room and put his hand half on my face half on my hair, idk. After religion I always wait for one of my friends and walk with her to the next class. She told me that x got really scared about me eating today and that he told her that she was like a sky kinda to make sure that I eat. She said that was before religion so maybe that's why he talked to me  but again idk. In bio I walked In to find x sitting on the top of my desk, which is kinda usual now.we talked but he didn't ask me about eating, but I he kept looking over at me like he wanted to say something. As I said today was ok, nothing really big happened but I feel really guilty now because I don't want him to worry about me.

I haven't blogged because Friday sucked. I cryied for the entirety of the football game. X and I didn't talk at all until bio. He is always the first person there but wasn't there when I walked in. When he did arrive I was slouched in my desk and he came over and later down across the top of my desk so are faces were 6jnches apart. It was really cute and we chatted for a bit. After school he hugged me( I made a hugging schedule cuz I get hugged too much in my opinion) and so he was like gaya now I can hug u on those days.he even tried to hug me again but being me I told him not to abuse it. At the game though we talked once and I asked him where my friend was before he could even say anything then walked away. I basicly walked around for 2 1/2 hours by myself in 35 degree weather. At the end of the game though he came over and hugged me and said goodbye( we never say goodbye to each other at the football games so it was really cute) but none the less Friday sucked.

I didn't do anything yeasterday but I made a snapchat, and x ended up adding me as soon as a posted it on Facebook. Today he snapchated me a video of him watching the hobbit cuz we are both lots freaks and we snapchated for 8hours. He ended up sending me a really good selfie of himself in the mirror, it was the best pic I have ever seen of him, damn it was nice. Anyway I have to go now, nighty noght

So today was pretty good actually. Atpfter lunch my friends and I went outside and sat at the picknic table. Went x came out he joined us and sat across the table from me because that was the only open seat. He asked me about eating, I think he is just going to do that everyday now. After a couple of minutes he asked on of my friends to move so he could sit next to me, she didn't move cuz we were talking but he sat next to her. One of my friends brought up the topic of woman crush Wednesday and he was like" I have a woman crush" the funny thing is people don't look at other people if they are embarrassed or secretly referring to someone there, I do it all the time I just can't look at the pesoni am referencing and he didn't look at me, so I'm hoping, just maybe.  Then he and my friend stated fighting about who got to use my ear buds because they had to run a mmile today, x didn't win but it was cute cuz he was like," but we are best friends" but it wasn't in a sappy way and then the two of them fought about who was my best friend I'd was so cute.Then in religion we had to work with partners for questions in the book and x just came up to my desk and asked me were I wanted to sit cuz we move around the room. He didn't ask me he just assumed we were opartne/rs and it made me really happy. In bio we talked a little but we don't really talk as much like just us its more of like a 18 person conversation. After school I went to art club for the first time and x is in it there was no room at the table but he invited me to sit with them anyway. After some upperclassman moved I sat with him and some other of my friends. While I was at dance he texted me about homework which is a daily thing now whether I ask or he asked. I can't wait until Friday cuz its the last football game and we will be hanging out after school :-) 

So today was the best day since homecoming Friday. In engiplish x asked my if I straighted my hair, and I did, but I also got 6 inches cut off. He said it looked good and it made me smile. After English going to math x yanked my backpack like he used to right before he turned into Spanish, I turned around as he walked away grinning at me. At lunch after we ate I was sitting outside with a friend around a table and x came over with some of his friends and joined us. He sat down next to me and we talked. But then he scooted to we were pressed against each other( like shoulder to shoulder) and said, I'm cold let's penguin, so in response I shoved him off the bench. When he sat back down he tried to shove me off too but it didn't work. He was trying so hard I just stood up and he fell over.when we both sat back down he playfully nudged me and I was going to nudge him back but then he said, can we try that again without trying to shove each other off the bench. As a reflex I said no a playful disapproving voice if that makes sense. We talked and he played with the Pokemon key chain on my pencil pouch trying to get it off cuz its looped around the zipper. He gave up because he couldn't figure out how to get it off so I did it for him. He looked at me and said, k wish I was as smart as you, now I have a 69 in algebra, I'm not smart, I just lookmat things from a different perspective. He eventually left and the bell rang and we headed off to fifth period. In religion he didn't even go to his seat before talking to me. He just leaned in the rest next to me and we talked until class started. Leaving religion he said to me, wow your always the first kne out the door, I laughed because he is always right behind me. We didn't really talk in bio but that's OK. Today was amazing. I'll probably text him later. My shirt smells like him now, sighhhh:-)