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Ummm hi! It's me. If you remember my name, that's awesome, but I don't feel like putting it up…. so yeah. I'm 15. I'm a.... DANCER, ARTIST, SISTER, POTTER HEAD, LES MISIE, MLP LOVER, BOOK WORM, SOCIALY AWKWARD, USUALLY QUIET AROUND MY CLASS MATES BUT LOUD WITH MY FRIENDS, MUSIC LOVER, HAVE PERVY MOODS( hehe), horrible at catching things, and a RIDER! OOPS….. I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT: FOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!

 The Duff,Maximum Ride ,Harry Potter( potter head), Lord of the Rings, Chains, The House of the Scorpion, Princess Bride, Hunger Games, Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies.

(can't name all of them) The Chorus ( it's in French but has subtitles), To Kill a Mocking Bird, Happily Ever After, Ella Enchanted Disney movies ( you can never be to old), Lady Hawk, The Second Hand Lions, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Narnia


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Happy Halloween to you all!
So I know I haven't blogged in a while cuz nothing really happened. Over the weekend I got to meet jack white from the white stripes at his recording studio, he even signed my book for school. So x and I hadn't talked at lunch for two weeks or so but on Tuesday that changed. We had texted Sunday night and everything was cool. Monday was OK we only talked I'm bio like we had been for the past two weeks. During the day though we had made awkward eye contact a couple of times. On Tuesday we made awkward eye contact like 5 times,  and after having another one at lunch he came over and talked. Yesterday he came over again and we talked for the whole time at lunch.  in elgish thismoring i had a grammar test and x and i turned in are tests at the same time, like always. towards the end of the class he turned arounf\d and stared at me  i was really confused untill i realised that he had never seen me with makeup on.Today he came over again today and omehow my friend and x and i were talking and got to the point of sarcastily "YOU WANNA GO!" shouting. x grabbed my hand and put it on his chest and was shouting at my friend see she has to told me back and this point i hit him in the stoumach with my free hand but  was really fun. my friend couldnt stop saying how beautiful i looked today because i actually wore makeup and it was kinda getting annoying but its fun to change things up now and then. was like, " if i was a lesbian i would go for you man!" two more of my friends said this to and i broke out laughing. at the end of lunch x comented on my outgoigness because im usually really quite. in religion we slipt onto little groups to do questions from our books and as soon as our teachwer staopped talking x said my name and i already knew he ment hey i wanna be in a group with you! it only lasted a copuple of minutes but it was fun. in bio we had a lab to do and i was with my friends\ who sits behind me as always. before class though x asked m about my eating nd i had to explane how i dont have food at home that i can bring to school and he was like, then let me buy you food!, but i was like no. you will not buy me food. whn class started there were two stations set up  because we had to fill tubes with chemichals and the whole class crowded around them. somehow x managed to get next to me t both of the stations and "needed my heklp" to tie off a plastic tube thingy.after class the tree of us were alking and h asked me if he should be superman tonight( for halloween duh) and in my head i was like" no bbut you could me my man" but i jmust said you dont have a costume yet?  he went to chack if he made the bbal team after class and i could tell by the look on his face going back to his locker that he didnt make it.

tonight i get to scare the crap out of small children by wearing all black and hiding in the bushes next to my front door, and screeaming at people. afte that im going to watch the walking dead with my friends said i lived to far away for them to come to my house ut yet its not to far away for me to go to their houses, idk so im gonna be alone tongight but thats ok i guess.


so idint blog yeasterday because not enough really happenedo blog about it.

so x and i talked yeasterday and on sunday we had texted for 7 hours. yeasterday was fine and as i said nothing big happened.

 we had a testin english and i kept seeing x glance backwards in my general direction.( ya i know i sound like a littl mimddle school girl who is lie" omg he loked at me" BUT IT ISNT LIKE THAT)  it wascold and kinda wet today here so m goup of friends ere reloated cuz the seniorstook the spot were we usually sit. ith by back against the brick wall of the cafeteria i read the duff, my faveorite book ever, untill x came over. he stood over me and asked me about my food intake cuz h does and i said it was a thumbs up withch is like a snack for normal people. he looked really suprised atfirst untill he asked me to tell him what i ate. i saaw a glimps of concern flash through his eyes. i tried to explne why i cant eat a lot but i just ended with its complicated. in bio we had a nother test but talked before. x always  looks at mebefore talking to me. so i was talking iht my friend who sits behind me and i noticed he was staring so i knew he was going to say someing. ix and i started to talk at the same time, me to my friend, and x to me.he quivkily sopped his word and i pretended like i dint here him beause i didnt lfinch. but i knew what he wa going to ask me anyway. 

after shool i changed to swet pants cuz its crisp today and i was judged my the cheerleaders but i was wam unlike them who were omplaning abiyt te weaehr. x had drama and i ventually saw him around 5 when he sa down across from mei was talking to this guy in my latin class whilepalying plauge on my tablet. he alwas tries to get e to talk. the three of us talked and shared stories for a while . some of theyboyscomments had to to do with suiside and not having eatn scince 10:30 cuz thats whwen xand i have lunch but quickly corrected themselves knowong how serious u wa about thins like that.  then x and our frined  we talking aout goignt o watch the vollybal game in the gym. i dint wanna go and they kept thinking i was mad but i wasnt. theydid go to thegame. another freind came overaftera while and we taked. x was talking around and leaned on my head while we all spoke so now my hair smells like him.  he went back to the gym and i eventully left. we are teting about homework now cuz bio was suoer hrd tongiht, but i got it done. 

So in Friday x and I find talk at all and it kinda sucked. 
Yesterday I went to a Latin convention thing and it was stupid. I watched breaking dawn at night and I couldn't help but think of x. While I was txting one og ng my friends she told me that x said he was worried about me not eating at lunch and that it could be the begining of anorexia because I'm already thin. I wish he would talk to me about it but I guess he will eventually. We are kinda texting but I think he is at mass so he hasn't texted me back in a while but are conversation was really boring so if he left I wouldn't be surprised cuz I almost did. I have so much homework but Ive been working on it all day and can't think so I'll be up till like 3 doing it
I cryed myself to sleep again last night
when you can still smell him in your hair
addicted to his hugs
the plot of my dream came true guys, im happy but yet really depressed
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