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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
The name is Allison:) hahaha hi! im 14 years old and i was born on april 7th (if your my twin comment lol♥) cheetahs are my favorite animals and orange is my favorite color. im in love with buffalo wild wings... and arnold palmer! i love the hunger games and harry potter. MUSIC is my entire life.. i mostly listen to indie music!
my best friend is Nicole Setelia (ilovecowboy8)
any question, comment!

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Peace out ✌


who remembers sunny with a chance?
The new iPhone costs $800
i don't care what it does,
but for that price it better have a cancel message option...
or it's not worth $800


If going on the internet was an Olympic sport,
I'd have more gold medals than Michael Phelps...

nmf      MYQUOTE

Here's to the girls

 Who still have a stuffed animal they love.


Plot Twist: Our animals can talk, and no all our secrets.
nmf i would cry..

Anti Joke #44

What did the dead guy say to the two guys who buried him?
Nothing. He was dead.



Plot Twist: we're all 40 year old creeps, pretending to be teenagers.

Anti Joke #41

Roses are black 
Violets are black
I'm blind.