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closeyoureyes_'s Favorite Quotes

you give me
b u t t e r f l y s

deep inside

» cause i built my life around you

no one thought it would be us
b    u    t                a    g    a    i    n    s    t                a    l    l                o    d    d    s

This quote does not exist.
 It breaks your heart;
when    knowing    someone    b e c o m e s    someone    you    knew.
when you'd spend hours on the phone only   *arguing about       "who
loves who more"  but  now  you  argue  with  about  e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
who   you   would   be   able  to  hug  for  10 minutes straight, but now
can't even look at for more than  10  seconds.   who   you   would   talk
to  all  your  friends  about  how  wonderful  he  always  was ,       *b u t
now  only  talk  about  what   a   bad    person    he    has    b-e-c-o-m-e.
who you could  tell  your    d r e a m s    to,   but now you only dream of
killing   him   for   what   he's   done.    *who  you  could  trust  with  your
whole heart,  but   now  you  only  trust  the  way   he   said  g o o d b y e .
who you would  k-i-s-s  g-o-o-d-n-i-g-h-t*  every time he snuck through your
window, but now your waiting for him to come by & he's gone. who would
say he loved you all the time & you thought he meant it, but now you know
 it was only a one way street.  *& you really were  i n l o v e ,  but it's his loss
because he was bad news from the start.  you  still  'til  this  day  are  crying,
but you're just another *line in his book. you're always gonna hurt, but when
he looks at you he only can laugh  b e c a u s e  he doesn't want to admit
It breaks your heart </3
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so today i was sitting with my little cousin Levi (he is 4)

and i showed him a picture of my friend anna and he said
'wow she is the most beautifulliest girl in the world! and she is gunna be my girlfriend!"
after i laughed and said "aw! your so sweet!"
he gave me a dead serious look and said
"call her now i want to ask her to be my girlfriend now."

This quote does not exist.

Take me as I am; or watch me as I go.</3 

not my format.

I was so 
                   love  drunk
                              BUT NOW I'M

 i love you forever, 
                             FOREVER IS


-credit to phenomenal for the format.