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Quotes by cmhh15

Fine, ill admit it.
whenever you text me,
i never let my phone --
o u t  o f  s i g h t.  <3

ughhh -- can you sayy UGLY?
proallllyy gonna re-doo it. ):
                 & if i had a boyfriend ;
                   his name would go right about
h e r e,
                    with the date we started going out here.
                    & thaat i love him right about
                   but no. i dont have a boyfriend. & when
                      the right one comes along, this spot
                       will always be here for him.
&+ what is there to do ;
when being yourself isn't
goood enough.             ?
people say they wish
they had a h a p p y  e n d i n g.
i just wish i had a story. ~
& she wants nothing more
then to be the iloveyou ;
 i n  h i s  p r o f i l e.
& when i met h i m ;
it's like no other guys
matttered anymore.
Boston Celtics .
rajon rondo. #9
kevin garnett. #5
paul pierce. #34
ray allen.  #20.  
amazzzziingg.  <3
              people who don't know me
think i'm quiet ;  people who
             do [w.i.s.h] i was.           (:
&& i'm having major trouble
dealing with the sad fact
Edward Cullen ;  is just a   --
[ f i c t i o n a l  c h a r c t e r ]

dont know who came up w/ the quote-
but i looveee it. ! (:
you have to just go for what
you want.  & if it doesn't want
you back, then so it be.  it  --
doesn't deserve you anyways. ~