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life,just a word!

Quotes by cockyemzhoppy

i missed you when you passed away
i still miss you today
although life has gone on
nobody has forgot your gone
your allways in my heart
forever in my arms
i love you more than anyone
R.I.P mum

                                                       Cant believe its nearlly six years when you died
                                                       left me to go alone walk the path of life alone
                                                       what was i supposed to do when you left
                                                       pretend everything was normal

                                                        i feel upset
One song, One meaning , A thousand feelings
When you relate to that person in a movie!
That song that makes you cry but puts a smile on your face!
true love will guide you through the good,bad,tough and rough as long as you stay strong togther!
the people wo you thought were your best friends would stand by you through the bad and good. would be there for you even though you were unsure about what was round the corner let you down. it hurts the pain hurts is so bad i dont know what to do or who to tell but i cant go round with my face unable to be seen because they have ruined the life i lived. 

Goodbye,not forever just for a while!
dont be ashamed
fight that battle
just put on a brave face
fake that smile
no one will care
its time to face the music
and be proud
but thats to hard
for us to do
we cant stand
tall like you
your big house
your fancy cars
not my life
a small house
a box bedroom
a life
yeah maybe
nope not me
life isnt all it lived up to be!

Every moring i put on a brave face and go face the music,
Every night i wonder what life would be like if you were still here,
Every day i try to smile but fail,
Every day life throws a problem that i tackle,
Every day i lie about my emointions
Every day nobody relises what i am going through,
Then a complete stranger turns up and knows something is wrong,
Even though no friend or family meber noticed a complete stranger did,
What sort of people are they!