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But for now, My name is Ellie and i like a bunch of stuff dislike some, and i listen to a lot of music, so i will add a lot more later :)


Quotes by cocoapuppy72196

I don't want a lot for Christmas.
There is just one thing I need.
I don't care about the presents,
underneath the Christmas tree.

I just want you for my own,
more than you could ever know.
Make my wish come true.

All I want for Christmas is you <3 

When you are talking to a guy,
don't you hate it when they use the grand conversation ender.

So one day I decided to be gutsy girl and say,
K???? How do you expect me to respond to K?!?!

He never responded. 

Does anyone else wonder...  
What guys do at sleepovers?

I asked once and all the guy said was i don't know stuff!

what do girls do at sleepovers?
(and i certainly could NOT tell him that!)
So i replied,
I don't know, stuff!

´╗┐´╗┐Rachel-I think you and I are more similar than you think.

Kurt: That's a terrible thing to say. 

Rachel-I think you and I are more similar than you think.

Kurt: That's a terrible thing to say. 

Glee <333

They don't know how long it takes,
waiting for love like this.
Every time we say goodbye,
I wish we had one more kiss.
I'll wait for you, I promise you.
I will <333

 Does anyone else...

stay up until 11:11,
just to make that one special wish?

Everyone, i would really like to let you know what happened to one of my best friends.
She died in a ski accident.
But her tragic ending, started so many new beginnings.
Her parents decided to donate her organs and because of her and them 5 people are alive today.
After she died, her parents started an organization called Taylor's Gift
This organization is to help promote organ donation, because of the low number of organ donors there are today in Texas, and in the world.
Taylor and her parents continue to inspire me, and I hope they can inspire you too.
To learn her story and everything that happened after, click on the following links.

Come to this site to learn about the organization 

Come her to watch Taylor's mother and father listen to her heart. 

Taylor's Story 

Parents On Today Show(scroll down)

There are also facebook pages created in her honor.

In memory of Taylor Storch.

There are also T 

I miss you, I miss your smile,
and I still shed a tear every once in a while.
And even though its different now,
your still her somehow.
My heart won't let you go,
and i need you to know,

I miss you <333

I miss you so much tay <333

I I mis

I was having a great day, better than ever actually.
The I came home, did my homework, and checked my email.
I had one new one from my friend in Texas.
The email read-

Hey when you get a chance call me,
its to important to write down.

Then I immdeiatley grabbed the phone hoping for good news.
She picked up, and I was so excited, but then I got the news.
She told me that one of my best friends from Texas, Taylor Storch died.
She got into a ski accident, suffered head trauma, went into a coma, and never came out.
I stayed home from school for 2 days, and cried the whole time.
I was so devestated and didn'y understand.
My class wrote me letters saying how sorry they were.
They all touhed my heart, but I was still sad.
I still cry every night, I practically cry myself to sleep.
Then one day I listened to the song Keep Holding On, by Avril Lavigne.
It spoke to me and told me that I should never let go.
I still cry all the time, but the ponit is to always,

Keep Holding On.

Real Story*

Life is like a swing.
When you work harder, you go higher.
When you do nothing at all, you stay in the same place.
When you hold on, you stay on, and
When you let go, you fall back.