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Well hello there(:
Looks like  you've stumbled along my page, haven't you? I'm Elsa, I'm blonde, and I have 13 candles on my birthday cake, I'm planning to blow out 14 on the 2nd of August. :) I absolutely love dance and One Direction. I have  the most amaazingg friends and  I love them with all my heart♥  kbyee ;)
♥  D I R E C T I O N E R  ♥  F O R E V E R ♥


Quotes by cocobananasxx

there was a girl                                                                                   and the next month
who sat                                                                                          on the sixteenth of may,
in the back of the room                                                        she didnt come to school.
she never talked                                                                         and on the seventeenth,
or raised her hand                                                      everyone was talking about her
but she wrote                                                                     and how her sister found her
on her notebook                                                                            on the bathroom floor,
and on the desk                                                                             a smile on her face and     
and on her hands.                                                                            a slash on each wrist,
she had long brown hair                                                            an empty bottle of pills
and a nice smile                                                                                                  in one hand,
even though she never did                                                                              and a letter
but you could still tell.                                                                       that mentioned me,
she always wore                                                                                                          the boy
long sleeves                                                                                                            who asked
and six blue bracelets                                                                                           about her     
on her left arm.                                                                                       six blue bracelets,
and so i asked her                                                                                              in the other.
why she wore them
and she stopped writing
and gave me a strange look.                                                                                (w.d.)
and i cried that day
because i thought
i hurt her feelings.
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I hate it when someone says you're too young to be in love.
You don't know anything. It is a psycological thing, falilng in love. We
can't control it, nor predict it. Anyone at any age could have been in
love before. In fact, a lot of us have. Scientific studies show anyone
can fall in love, no matter how old you are. It doesn't matter if it's just
a crush
or if you're head over heels for someone, love is love. It is

indescribable, perfect,and beautiful. So stop judging, and let people
be. Let it happen. It's just not fair to say that you "aren't in love; you've
only been dating for a couple days." You don't know how other people
feel. For all you know, they will grow old together, and love every part
of each other until the day they die. Or maybe they won't, maybe it just
won't last. But let love take its course, and stop judging on age, for gods
sake. Because in the end, everything will turn out how it's meant to be.

So go ahead. Judge me. Love is infinite, and anyone can experience it.

But, what happens when
he's your 
Romeo  and
you're not his 
Plot Twist: The word actually ends on December 21st

I never knew how it felt to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason at all.



And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

People Walking Behind Me: *Giggles at something their friend said*

Me: Are they laughing at me is there something on the back of my pants
        is there a bug on me do I really look that bad today is my underwear
        showing why did I leave the house this morning please stop looking at me


no one



If you have a choicbetween

me and her, choose her because if you really
loved me there wouldn't be a choice.