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Well hello there(:
Looks like  you've stumbled along my page, haven't you? I'm Elsa, I'm blonde, and I have 13 candles on my birthday cake, I'm planning to blow out 14 on the 2nd of August. :) I absolutely love dance and One Direction. I have  the most amaazingg friends and  I love them with all my heart♥  kbyee ;)
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Quotes by cocobananasxx

that frustratinmoment
when you're at the beach with the sand is stuck to you everywhere, 
and it just won't come off.


2010: You're only cool if you wear silly bands.
2011: I love planking!
Hey let's all choke on cinnamon.


That stalker-ish moment when you see ad's
on certain websites and they reflect what you've looked at on the internet for the past week.  

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How I Tell Stories:
 and then she was like
Me: and I'm like
but then shes like
Me: then they're like
Me: so I was like
Me: yeah like
Me: I know like
Me: yeah

You know you were there through the old witty when you remember wittygirl2010

She wilbe loved.

When I die,
friends wilgto my
Good friends will
cramy funeral, 
And my Best Friends will change my FaceBook status to,
"Chillin' with Jesus"


         I said remember this moment
                                                in the back of your mind
I'm sorry that I'm sometimes not good enough.</3

♥ I'm The Type Of Girl That

always has my phone in my hand,
My Headphones In My Ears,
anthat onboomy mind.

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